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Exam Fireware Essentials Exam
Number Essentials
File Name Fireware Essentials Exam.PracticeTest.Essentials.2018-10-17.1e.44q.vcex
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Posted October 17, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which items are included in a Firebox backup image? (Select four.)

  • A: Support snapshot
  • B: Fireware OS
  • C: Configuration file
  • D: Log file
  • E: Feature keys
  • F: Certificates

Question 2
Only 50 clients on the trusted network of your Firebox can connect to the Internet at the same time. What could cause this? (Select one.)

  • A: TheLiveSecurity feature key is expired.
  • B: The device feature key allows a maximum of 50 client connections.
  • C: The DHCP address pool on the trusted interface has only 50 IP addresses.
  • D: The Outgoing policy allows a maximum of 50 client connections.

Question 3
The IP address for the trusted interface on your Firebox is, but you want to change the IP address for this interface. 
How can you avoid a network outage for clients on the trusted network when you change the interface IP address to (Select one.)

  • A: Create a 1-to-1 NAT rule for traffic from the subnet to addresses on the subnet.
  • B: Add as a secondary IP address for the interface.
  • C: Add IP addresses on the subnet to the DHCP Server IP address pool for this interface.
  • D: Add a route to with the gateway

Question 4
Which of these options are private IPv4 addresses you can assign to a trusted interface, as described in RFC 1918, Address Allocation for Private Internets? (Select three.)

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
  • E:

Question 5
The policies in a default Firebox configuration do not allow outgoing traffic from optional interfaces.

  • A: True
  • B: False

Question 6
When you examine the log messages In Traffic Monitor, you see that some network packets are denied with an unhandled packet log message. What does this log massage mean? (Select one.)

  • A: The packet is denied because the site is on the Blocked Sites List.
  • B: The packet is denied because it matched a policy.
  • C: The packet is denied because it matched an IPS signature.
  • D: The packet is denied because it does not match any firewall policies.

Question 7
Which of these actions adds a host to the temporary or permanent blocked sites list? (Select three.)

  • A: Enable the AUTO-block sites that attempt to connect option in a deny policy.
  • B: Add the site to the Blocked Sites Exceptions list.
  • C: On the Firebox System Manager >Blocked Sites tab, select Add.
  • D: In Policy Manager, select Setup> Default Threat Protection > Blocked Sites and click Add.

Question 8
Which of these threats can the Firebox prevent with the default packet handling settings? (Select four.)

  • A: Access to inappropriate websites
  • B: Denial of service attacks
  • C: Flood attacks
  • D: Malware in downloaded files
  • E: Port scans
  • F: Viruses in email messages
  • G: IP spoofing

Question 9
How is a proxy policy different from a packet filter policy? (Select two.)

  • A: Only a proxy policy examines information in the IP header.
  • B: Only a proxy policy uses the IP source, destination, and port to control network traffic.
  • C: Only a proxy policy can prevent specific threats without blocking the entire connection.
  • D: Only a proxy works at the application, network, and transport layers to examine all connection data.

Question 10
Which authentication servers can you use with your Firebox? (Select four.)

  • A: Active Directory
  • C: LDAP
  • D: Linux Authentication
  • E: Kerberos
  • F: TACACS+
  • G: Firebox databases



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