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Exam VMware SD-WAN Design and Deploy Skills
Number 5V0-42.21
File Name VMware SD-WAN Design and Deploy Skills.VCEPlus.5V0-42.21.2022-06-24.1e.30q.vcex
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Posted June 24, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
The VMware SD-WAN solution is comprised of Orchestrator, Gateway, and Edge. The architecture ensures separation and secure communication between the management, control, and data plane of the solution.
The management plane consists of the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, and the control plane is comprised of the VMware SO-WAN Gateway/ Controller. Which statement correctly describes this situation?

  • A: VMware SD-WAN Edges/Gateways establishes a Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1 2 encrypted session to the VMware SU-WAN Orchestrator
  • B: To make the entire solution to work property, TCP port 443 and HOP port 500 and UDP port 4500 are required to open in the firewall rule, if Edge is deployed behind a Firewall.
  • C: There is impact on data plane when the Edge loses connectivity to the management plane. The operator only loses the visibility of the Edge from Orchestrator and cannot make configuration changes on the Edge until the managementplane connectivity is resumed.
  • D: Traffic between VMware SD-WAN Edges and from VMware SD-WAN Edges to VMware SD-WAN Gateways uses VMware SD-WAN Management Protocol (VCMP) tunneling over User Datagram Protocol (UDP) port 2427. secured withInternet Protocol Security (IPSec)

Question 2
Employees with an Apple iOS device have been causing congestion on the company's internet What should an administrator configure to target these devices when creating a Business policy for this issue?

  • A: Action Priority
  • B: Action Network Service
  • C: Match Source
  • D: Match Destination

Question 3
A customer has deployed VMware SD_WAN solution An administrator asked to imported additional security for traffic going to internet without investigating in new hardware solutions.

  • A: Service chaining with DFW in NSX-V
  • B: Service chaining with Zscaler Cloud Security Service
  • C: Service chaining with DFW in NSX-1
  • D: Service chaining with AWS Cloud Security

Question 4
A service provider needs to upgrade a gateway to a new software version.
Which step in needed to complete the upgrade process?

  • A: Re-assign the Gateway to a new gateway Pool with the appropriate software version, and then run `sudo apt-get update'' from the Gateway console.
  • B: Create a new disk partition to save the new software image to, modify the boot order via the Gateway BIOS to boot to the new partition, and then reboot the gateway.
  • C: From the Orchestrator, select the check-box next to the appropriate gateway, choose `'Assign Software image", and then select the version for the upgrade.
  • D: Copy the new image to/var/lib/velocloud/software_update.tar, and then run the upgrade the script from the console.

Question 5
A customer is looking to have Quality of Service (QoS), resource allocations, link/path steering, and error correction applied automatically based on applications.
Which component of VMware SD-WAN helps the customer achieve this requirement?

  • A: Overlay Flow Control
  • B: High Availability Configuration
  • C: Business Policy Framework
  • D: Branch Site Topologies

Question 6
Which deployment model ensures that management and control plane is cloud-delivered while data continues to flow on-premises between VMware SD-WAN nodes that remain on-premises?

  • A: Hosted SD-WAN Orchestrator/Controller
  • B: On-premises SD-WAN Orchestrator/Controller
  • C: Partially on-premises  
  • D: All on-premises

Question 7
Company a has recently acquired Company B, which has two remote office. Company A is using VMware hosted Cloud Gateways, and Company B is using a VMware SD-WAN with a Hub-Spoke topology.
Which VEware Cloud VPN solution an administrator configure to establish connectivity between the offices of Company A and Company B?

  • A: Site-to-Site VPN
  • B: Branch to CASH
  • C: Branch to Branch VPN
  • D: Branch to Non VMware SU-WAN Site

Question 8
Which port is used for the high availability connection between the two Edges on a pair of Edge 510s?

  • A: Any port may be chosen.
  • B: GE1
  • C: SFP1
  • D: GE4

Question 9
A service provider needs to ensure that the NOC is notified proactively in the event that an Edge interface loses connectivity to its WAN provider.
Which three methods are available for generating these alerts? (Choose three.)

  • A: Slack notification
  • B: Text/SMS
  • C: Push notification via the VMware SD WAN mobile app
  • D: SNMP Trap
  • E: Webhook
  • F: Dyinq Gasp

Question 10
A customer has a 10,000 branch site requirement arid must use a hub cluster in their design.
Which Mware SO- WAN best practice should be used when designing the cluster?

  • A: BGP on WAN side
  • B: Static routing
  • C: MP BGP south bound
  • D: BGP on LAN side


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