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Exam VMware HCI Master Specialist
Number 5V0-21.20
File Name VMware HCI Master Specialist.CertDumps.5V0-21.20.2020-05-22.1e.67q.vcex
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Posted May 22, 2020

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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two are requirements for Kubernetes cluster virtual machines when leveraging vSphere Cloud Native Storage (CNS)? (Choose two.)

  • A: set the disk.EnableUUID advanced setting to TRUE
  • B: Set the Disk Mode to Independent
  • C: virtual machine hardware version 15 or higher
  • D: configure UEFI firmware
  • E: minimum of 4 vCPUs per node

Question 2
An administrator has been tasked with the shutdown process of one of the nodes in a 4-node vSAN Cluster, in order to replace a motherboard. The administrator must select the correct maintenance mode option to ensure all objects remain compliant with the vSAN Default Storage Policy. No changes have been made to this policy.
Which maintenance mode option should the administrator select?

  • A: Allow Reduced Redundancy
  • B: Ensure Accessibility
  • C: No Data Migration
  • D: Full Data Migration

Question 3
The vSAN Health Check 'Hosts disconnected from vCenter Server' is reporting an error state for one host in the vSAN Cluster. All other health checks in the Network category are in a green state. Which VMware recommended remediation task should be taken by the administrator?

  • A: Configure a vSAN-enabled VMkernel port on the affected host.
  • B: Restart the vSAN Management Daemon.
  • C: Right-click the affected host and click Remove from Inventory.
  • D: Right-click the affected host and click Connection > Connect.

Question 4
An administrator observes a significant amount of vSAN backend traffic at the cluster level. What are two possible causes? (Choose two.)

  • A: vSAN Stretched Cluster storage policy was assigned to virtual machines in a vSAN standard cluster,
  • B: The host is rebuilding vSAN logs in the cache tier after a reboot.
  • C: The migration of virtual machines to the vSAN datastore using Storage vMotion is occurring.
  • D: The host entered maintenance mode with no data migration.
  • E: vSAN is performing data resynchronizations after a host failure.

Question 5
What is the key factor when sizing the Witness Host for a vSAN Stretched Cluster?

  • A: size of the cache tier within the witness appliance
  • B: size of the ESXi boot drive to account for metadata
  • C: number of maximum components supported
  • D: number of vCPUs within the Witness appliance

Question 6
Which two statements regarding networking are true for a vSAN Stretched Cluster? (Choose two.)

  • A: The vSAN data network must communicate with the vSAN witness host.
  • B: A Stretched Layer 2 network is required at the vSAN data sites and at the witness site.
  • C: A Stretched Cluster can use Layer 2 or Layer 3 communication for the vSAN network.
  • D: a 5ms RTT or less is required between the data sites.
  • E: PIM is required for stretched vSAN clusters.

Question 7
Reference the chart. An IT team is required to size a 4-Node Hybrid vSAN cluster. Four possible configurations have been proposed to meet the requirement of failure to tolerate of one 


Each disk group has its own controller.
Which node configuration provides the highest level of resilience?

  • A: Option D
  • B: Option A
  • C: Option B
  • D: Option C

Question 8
Which step can be avoided when replacing a capacity tier device on a controller with passthrough mode and support for hot-plug?

  • A: Shut down the host.
  • B: Add the new disk to the disk group.
  • C: Replace the physical drive.
  • D: Remove the disk from the disk group.

Question 9
A storage administrator Is consolidating 2 data centers running on an HCI platform. There is a single site deployment of VMs running on the HCI platform with vSAN encryption. The administrator would like to protect data using replication and has these tools available:
vSphere replication
VM encryption
VMware vSAN
Considering the scenario, which statement is correct?

  • A: If source VMs have encrypted disks, the target storage policy cannot include a VM encryption rule.
  • B: If VMs have encrypted disks, the VM storage policy has a choice of encrypted or not encrypted.
  • C: If a source VM has encrypted disks, the VM storage policy must be encrypted.
  • D: Encrypted VM disks are not supported with VMware vSAN, only encrypted vSAN datastores.

Question 10
A solution architect is considering a vSAN Cluster with two hosts per rack. The design should be configured to minimize the potential exposure to rack failure with the capacity to automatically restore compliance with the configured vSAN storage policy. Which design consideration would minimize potential risks?

  • A: Create four fault domains and failures to tolerate set to one with mirroring.
  • B: Create four fault domains and failures to tolerate set to two with mirroring.
  • C: Create four fault domains and failures to tolerate set to one with Erasure Coding.
  • D: Create four fault domains and failures to tolerate set to two with Erasure Coding.



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