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Exam VMware vSAN 6.7 Specialist Exam 2019
Number 5V0-21.19
File Name VMware vSAN 6-7 Specialist Exam 2019.Actualtests.5V0-21.19.2019-10-29.1e.28q.vcex
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Posted October 29, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
The objects on a 4-node vSAN cluster are assigned a RAID-5 policy. A network outage occurs causing host one to lose connectivity with the rest of the cluster. 
Seventy-five minutes elapse. 
What is the health state of the subjects? 

  • A: Reduced availability with no rebuild
  • B: Reduced availability with no rebuild – delay timer
  • C: Non-availability related in-compliance [non-compliance]
  • D: Reduced availability

Question 2
A vSAN 5-node cluster has two sets of VMs, each associated with a separate storage policy. 
Group A (Storage Policy: FTT=0)
Group B (Storage Policy: FTT=2)
What are two possible results when two hosts in the vSAN cluster fail permanently? (Choose two.)

  • A: VMs in Group B will become inaccessible if a third host permanently fails.
  • B: vSAN will rebuild data associated with Group A.
  • C: VMs in Group A might experience data inaccessibility.
  • D: VMs in Goup B might experience data loss.
  • E: A host can be put into maintenance mode without impacting VMs in either Group A or B. 

Question 3
A 3-node vSAN cluster will take which two actions, when a drive is physically removed from vSAN node? (Choose two.)

  • A: Marks all components on that device as absent
  • B: Marks all components on that device as degraded
  • C: Waits for the configured delay timer before rebuild
  • D: Marks all components on that device as stale
  • E: Starts component rebuild immediately

Question 4
A vSAN cluster has this configuration:
4 hosts with 1 disk group per host 
Each disk group contains 1 cache device and 7 capacity devices 
What are two ways to increase the vSAN datastore storage capacity? (Choose two.)

  • A: Add a host to the cluster
  • B: Add a cache device to each disk group
  • C: Add a capacity drive to each disk group
  • D: Replace a cache device with a larger cache device
  • E: Add a disk group to each host

Question 5
Which two conditions should be verified before removing the ESXi host from a vSAN cluster? (Choose two.)

  • A: Data evacuation is complete.
  • B: Encryption is disabled.
  • C: ESXi host is in maintenance mode.
  • D: Resyncs are running.
  • E: All objects are currently healthy.

Question 6
Which VM type resides in the VM home namespace object on a vSAN datastore?

  • A: .vswp
  • B: .vmsn
  • C: .vmx
  • D: .vmem

Question 7
In a 10-node hybrid vSAN cluster, each node has seven 4TB magnetic disks and one 2TB SSD. 
What is the raw storage capacity of the vSAN datastore? 

  • A: 140TB
  • B: 150TB
  • C: 280 TB
  • D: 300 TB

Question 8
Refer to the exhibit. 



A solution architect is setting up a highly resilient vSAN hybrid cluster. 
Why is the cache incorrectly sized in this configuration?

  • A: Cache disk needs to meet vSAN Compatibility Guide
  • B: Cache-to-capacity ratio needs to be sized lower
  • C: Cache-to-capacity ratio needs to be sized higher
  • D: Number of cache disks in disk group is insufficient. 

Question 9
An all-flash vSAN cluster contains four nodes. 
Which two storage policies can the cluster satisfy? (Choose two.)

  • A: FTT=2 (RAID-1 Mirroring)
  • B: FTT=2 (RAID-6 Erasure Coding)
  • C: FTT=1 (RAID-1 Mirroring)
  • D: FTT=1 (RAID-5 Erasure Coding)
  • E: FTT=3 (RAID-1 Mirroring)

Question 10
A company implements a vSAN environment with linked clone virtual desktops and homogeneous desktop operating systems. During the last three months, users have experienced intermittent high latency, degraded performance, and lockout from desktops. 
Which two methods should an administrator use to monitor and respond to the issues? (Choose two.)

  • A: vRealize Log Insight
  • B: vRealize Automation
  • C: Live Optics
  • D: HCIBench
  • E: vRealize Operations Manager


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