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Exam Professional vSphere 6.7 Exam 2019
Number 2V0-21.19
File Name Professional vSphere 6-7 Exam 2019.Prep4sure.2V0-21.19.2019-08-15.1e.54q.vcex
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Posted August 15, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A vSphere administrator is working in a high security environment. The administrator wants to ensure unencrypted VMs can be migrated securely. 
What should the vSphere administrator use to meet this requirement?

  • A: vTPM
  • B: UEFI Secure Boot
  • C: KMS Server
  • D: encrypted vSphere vMotion

Question 2
For security reasons the VMware vSphere Update Manager (VUM) has no Internet access. 
What can be used to provide a central shared repository in a DMZ? 

  • A: VMware vSphere Update Manager Download Service
  • B: vSphere Authentication Proxy
  • C: VMware content library
  • D: vCenter Server Appliance

Question 3
Which two tasks are allowed in the X-Lence data center? (Choose two.) 


  • A: User C can convert AX-850 to VM.
  • B: User B can delete from disk XRK-01.
  • C: User A can take a snapshot on XRK-01.
  • D: User A can take a snapshot on AX-1000.
  • E: User C can view configuration of AX-1000.

Question 4
What are two components of a VM-Host affinity rule? (Choose two.)

  • A: Host Group
  • B: Cluster settings
  • C: VM restart priority
  • D: VM restart action
  • E: VM Group

Question 5
Which teaming and failover policy offers the lowest latency when a failover or a migration with vSphere vMotion occurs?

  • A: Network failure detection
  • B: Fallback
  • C: Notify switches
  • D: Load balancing

Question 6
Which two features should an administrator use to protect a VMware vCenter Server Appliance from host and hardware failures? (Choose two.)

  • A: VMware Distributed Power Management
  • B: vCenter High Availability
  • C: vSphere High Availability 
  • D: vSphere Fault Tolerance
  • E: VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler

Question 7
Which DCUI option determines the time frame an administrator has to log in to the ESXI Shell after enabling the service?

  • A: Idle Timeout
  • B: Availability Timeout
  • C: Enable SSH
  • D: Enable ESXi Shell

Question 8
Which two VMware solutions track and analyze the operation of multiple data sources? (Choose two.)

  • A: vRealize Log Insight
  • B: vRealize Operations Manager
  • C: vRealize Life Cycle Manager
  • D: vRealize Automation
  • E: vRealize Orchestrator

Question 9
A vSphere administrator is performing a greenfield vSphere deployment with these requirements:
vCenter Server sized for 100 ESXi hosts and 1000 virtual machines 
Each ESXi Host with 512 LUNs and 2048 paths mapped from Dell EMC XtremIO Storage Array 
Which vCenter Server Appliance deployment size meets requirements?

  • A: Large
  • B: Tiny
  • C: Medium
  • D: Small

Question 10
What is used by a VM for direct access to a LUN?

  • A: vSAN
  • B: RDM
  • C: NVMe
  • D: ext3


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