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Exam Associate VMware Data Center Virtualization
Number 1V0-21.20
File Name Associate VMware Data Center Virtualization.VCEPlus.1V0-21.20.v1.2022-06-24.1e.50q.vcex
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Posted June 24, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An administrator would like to enable a switch setting to restrict the network bandwidth that is available to ports, but the solution must also allow bursts of traffic to flow through at higher speeds.
Which vSphere Distributed Switch setting accomplishes this goal?

  • A: Monitoring
  • B: Security
  • C: Traffic shaping
  • D: Teaming and failover

Question 2
Refer to the exhibit:


An administrator deletes the Service 1.5 snapshot.
What is the result of this action?  

  • A: Reversion to Service 1 snapshot, and Service 2 snapshot will remain.
  • B: Reversion to Service 1 snapshot, and Service 2 snapshot will be deleted.
  • C: Reversion to Service 2 snapshot, and Service 1 snapshot will be deleted.
  • D: Deletion of all snapshots.

Question 3
Which hypetvisor is a type-1 hypervisor?

  • A: Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • B: VMware ESXi
  • C: VMware Fusion
  • D: VMware Workstation

Question 4
A system administrator is preparing a host In a vSphere DRS cluster in partially automated mode for firmware patching and puts a host into maintenance mode. After several minutes, the host still has not entered maintenance mode.
How should the system administrator resolve this problem?

  • A: The system administrator needs to schedule DRS to run again.
  • B: vSphere Lifecycle Manager and DRS integration need to be configured.
  • C: vSphere HA admission control needs to be enabled on the cluster.
  • D: The system administrator needs to migrate virtual machines using vSphere vMotion.

Question 5
Which IP storage is supported on vSphere?

  • A: SCSI
  • B: vSAN
  • C: SAN
  • D: ISCSI

Question 6
Which vSphere feature protects against host hardware failures by restarting virtual machines (VMs) on hosts that are running in the cluster?

  • A: vSphere HA
  • B: vSphere vMotion
  • C: vSphere Fault Tolerance
  • D: vSphere DRS

Question 7
An administrator must ensure that virtual machines have their initial placement performed automatically and that migration recommendations are displayed but not applied.
Which vSphere DRS Automation Level should the administrator use?

  • A: Aggressive
  • B: Manual
  • C: Partially Automated
  • D: Fully Automated

Question 8
An administrator is trying to configure EVC on a cluster that has both AMD and Intel hosts, but the configuration is failing. What is causing this failure?

  • A: The administrator did not separate out the hosts by processor type prior to enabling EVC.
  • B: The administrator did not configure vMotion on all hosts prior to enabling EVC.
  • C: The administrator did not remove all passthrough devices prior to enabling EVC.
  • D: The administrator did not configure vSphere HA prior to enabling EVC.

Question 9
Which DRS score indicates that the virtual machine (VM) is experiencing severe resource contention?

  • A: 50%
  • B: 95%
  • C: 70%
  • D: 15%

Question 10
An administrator is working on a cloud migration project. The project has a requirement to check the EVC mode for virtual machines (VMs) hosting an application.
How can the administrator find the FVC details for these VMs?

  • A: Select Host > VMs > Show/Hide Column > EVC Mode
  • B: Right click VM > Migrate > Change storage only > Select Datastore > Next > Finish
  • C: Power off VM > Configure > VMware EVC
  • D: Right click VM > Migrate > Change compute resource only > Select Host > Next > Finish


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