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Exam Administration of Veritas InfoScale Availability 7.1 for UNIX/Linux
Number VCS-256
File Name Veritas.CertDumps.VCS-256.2018-05-28.1e.50q.vcex
Size 534 Kb
Posted May 28, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What are two resource types that Proxy resources can reference? (Select two.)

  • A: NIC
  • B: IP
  • C: Mount
  • D: DNS
  • E: ElifNone

Question 2
An administrator has started a cluster using hastart. 
Which two commands should the administrator use to determine where each service group is running? (Select two.) 

  • A: hasys -display
  • B: hasys -state
  • C: hastatus -sum
  • D: haclus -state
  • E: hagrp -state

Question 3
What is the primary benefit of implementing the Intelligent Monitoring Framework feature for resources?

  • A: monitoring of cluster-to-cluster heartbeat
  • B: monitoring of Virtual machines
  • C: immediate notification of resource state
  • D: monitoring application outside cluster configuration

Question 4
An administrator wants to enable administration of Veritas high availability from the vSphere Web Client in VMware environments. Click and drag the five (5) actions from the Action List on the left to the Configuration Process on the right in the order needed to accomplish the task. 


Question 5
Refer to the exhibit. 
In a three node cluster, the orasg service group is online on one of the systems. The service group has the resources and resource dependencies shown in the exhibit. All resources are critical resources and the following service group attributes have been configured: 
ManageFaults = ALL 
FaultPropagation = 0 
AutoFailOver = 1 
What is the expected behavior when the mnt2 resource fails? 

  • A: The service group fails over to one of the other systems in the cluster.
  • B: The service group is taken offline and remains offline in the cluster.
  • C: The mnt2 resource is taken offline, all other resources remain online.
  • D: The mnt2 resource and all its parent resources are taken offline, the rest remain online.

Question 6
Which requirement must be met to allow two separate Veritas InfoScale clusters to share a common private heartbeat network switch?

  • A: The GAB network IDs must be unique across the clusters.
  • B: All node IDs must be unique across the clusters.
  • C: The cluster IDs must be unique across the clusters.
  • D: All LLT node IDs must be unique across the clusters.

Question 7
An administrator is notified that a service group faulted due to a disk group failure.  
Which two Veritas Cluster Server logs can the administrator review to determine the reason for the failure? (Select two.) 

  • A: vcs_A.log
  • B: DG_A.log
  • C: FailEvents_A.log
  • D: engine_A.log
  • E: DiskGroup_A.log

Question 8
What is the purpose of the Steward process in a global cluster?

  • A: to provide a backup communication link on each cluster in a global cluster configuration that takes over heartbeating in the event that the wide-area connector (WAC) faults
  • B: to monitor the wide-area connector (WAC) processes on each local cluster on a global cluster configuration and ensure heartbeats are being sent
  • C: to monitor the wide-area connector (WAC) processes on each local cluster on a global cluster configuration and restart the wide area connector (WAC) process if they fail
  • D: to provide an inquiry mechanism for each local cluster in a global cluster configuration and determine the state of other clusters if heartbeats are undetected on the wide-area connector (WAC)

Question 9
Which attributes are required for configuring the Oracle agent for Veritas Cluster Server?

  • A: SID, DBAUser, EnvFile
  • B: SID, DBAUser, DBAPword
  • C: SID, Owner, Home
  • D: SID, DBAUser, Owner

Question 10
Which two requirements must be meet to allow an administrator to configure LLT heartbeats over UDP? (Select two.)

  • A: the LLT private links must be on the same subnet
  • B: each NIC must have an IP address configured before configuring LLT
  • C: the maximum transmission unit (MTU) must be set to the lowest value supported by the NICs
  • D: each link must have a unique UDP port
  • E: broadcast must be enabled for the heartbeat subnet



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