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Exam VEEAM Certified Engineer (VMCE9)
Number VMCE_V9
File Name Veeam.pass4sures.VMCE_V9.2018-03-27.1e.174q.vcex
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Posted March 27, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which requirements must be met in order to perform transaction log backups for a database on a Microsoft SQL Server with Veeam Backup & Replication? (Choose the 2 appropriate options)

  • A: The recovery model for the database must be set to Simple.
  • B: The recovery model for the database must be set to Full or Bulk-Logged.
  • C: No other backup tool truncates the SQL server’s log files.
  • D: The database must have its log flies on a separate VMDK.

Question 2
What is the stabilization point in a SureBackup job?

  • A: When all recovery verification tests can be started
  • B: When backup file is successfully verified
  • C: When thevirtual machine starts booting
  • D: When all recovery verification tests are passed

Question 3
Which of the following built-in predefined tests can be performed to verify a VM replica started in a Virtual Lab? (Choose the 3 appropriate options)

  • A: Application test
  • B: Heartbeat test
  • C: Memory test
  • D: Hard drive test
  • E: CRC check
  • F: Ping test

Question 4
Which EMC SAN storage systems are compatible with the Backup from SAN Snapshot feature in Veeam Backup & Replication? (choose the 2 appropriate options)

  • A: EMC VNXe
  • C: EMC VNX
  • D: EMC Data Domain

Question 5
Which procedure is an option to finalize replica failback?

  • A: Quick Migration
  • B: Replica failback does not need to be finalized.
  • C: Commit Failback
  • D: VMware Storage vMotion
  • E: Migrate to production

Question 6
When is the full backup created in a backup copy job for each GFS retention point?

  • A: Never. Backup copy jobs do not use full backups.
  • B: After the simple retention policy is met and the .vbk has been updated to the scheduled date
  • C: On the day that the full backupis scheduled
  • D: Each GFS point is made when an active full is run on the backup.

Question 7
When should SQL Server Standard (or higher) be deployed for the instance used by Veeam Backup & Replication instead of the SQL Server Express instance installed by default?

  • A: Veeam Backup Administrator chooses to keep the database remote
  • B: Enterprise Plus version is used
  • C: Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager is installed
  • D: For the large-scale environments

Question 8
A Backup Administrator needs to create an offsite backup job. A Windows-based server is used as a repository. Which placement of the Veeam Data Mover Service(s) would result in the most optimal configuration?

  • A: One - at the remote target site
  • B: One - at the production site
  • C: At least two - one at the production site and one at the remote site
  • D: Veeam Data Mover services are not required to transfer data offsite

Question 9
Which backup method is described below? “After a full VM backup is created, subsequent backups are incremental. Only data blocks that have changed since the last job run are backed up. All the changes are injected into the created .vbk file to rebuild it to the most recent state of a VM.”

  • A: Forever forward incremental backup
  • B: Reverse incremental backup
  • C: Forward incremental backup with synthetic fulls with transform to rollbacks
  • D: Forward incremental backup

Question 10
During the SureBackup job execution, redo logs are created for each verified VM. Where are the redo logs for the job located?

  • A: In a special folder of the Backup & Replication server
  • B: In the backup file itself
  • C: On the datastore specified in SureBackup job settings
  • D: On the backup repository
  • E: On the datastore specified in Virtual Lab settings



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