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Vendor: Veeam
Exam Code: VMCE2021
Exam Name: Veeam Certified Engineer 2021
Date: Aug 29, 2023
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Figure A shows the backup files on a Scale-out Backup Repository (SOBR) created by a single Veeam backup job. The SOBR is configured to offload to capacity tier in move mode. If the offload was completed successfully, what will remain on the performance extents for the files uploaded to the capacity tier? 
  1. VIB files (metadata and data)
  2. VBM files (metadata only)
  3. VIB and VBK files (metadata only)
  4. VBK files (metadata and data)
  5. VIB and VBK files (data blocks only)
Correct answer: C
Question 2
When configuring a SureBackup job, what are some of the criteria for adding servers to an application group? (Choose two.)
  1. VMs cannot be encrypted
  2. VM backups must reside on the same repository
  3. VMs cannot be added to an application group twice
  4. VMs must be running the same OS version
  5. VMs must have at least one valid restore point
Correct answer: CE
Question 3
Which recovery verification tests can be executed when verifying both backups and replicas? Choose three options.
  1. Heartbeat test
  2. Ping test
  3. Application test
  4. Memory test
  5. Operating System test
  6. CRC check
Correct answer: ABC
Question 4
A customer currently has one backup job that runs every four hours to backup their VMs in a transaction consistent state. Which job configuration will keep all restore points safe in case the primary site and backups go down while still being able to do a point-in-time recovery of a SQL database from the backups on the second site?
  1. Configure a second VM backup job and schedule it to copy every four hours, starting at midnight, to a repository on the second site
  2. Configure a backup copy job in mirror mode, to a repository on the second site
  3. Configure a backup copy job in pruning mode and schedule it to copy every four hours, starting at midnight, to a repository on the second site
  4. Configure a backup copy job in pruning mode and have it copy data every day, starting at midnight, to a repository on the second site
Correct answer: B
Question 5
What additional metadata is captured when backing up vCloud Director VMs? 
  1. vDC metadata
  2. Replica metadata
  3. vApp metadata
  4. Backup metadata
Correct answer: C
Question 6
In the event a VMware VM configuration file (VMX) is missing and a restore is needed, what Veeam restore process is the best choice for this situation?
  1. VM file restore
  2. Instant disk recovery
  3. Instant VM recovery
  4. Virtual disk restore
Correct answer: A
Question 7
A Backup Administrator needs to create a fully functional VM at a secondary location in an isolated network. The VM should not require manual editing or modifications to the configuration. Which of the following jobs could the Backup Administrator use? Choose two options.
  1. SureBackup
  2. VeeamZip
  3. VM Copy
  4. Replication
  5. Backup
  6. Configuration Backup
Correct answer: CD
Question 8
Which HPE SAN storage systems are supported by the Backup from Storage Snapshots feature in Veeam Backup & Replication? Choose three options.
  1. HPE StoreVirtual and StoreVirtual VSA
  2. HPE Nimble Storage AF-series and CS-series
  3. HPE StoreEasy Storage
  4. HPE 3PAR StoreServ
  5. HPE StoreOnce
Correct answer: ABD
Question 9
Which backup method will always produce a full backup as the most recent restore point?
  1. Forever forward incremental backup
  2. Forward incremental backup
  3. Reverse incremental backup
  4. Forward incremental with transform
Correct answer: C
Question 10
Staged Restore is available for which type of restore mode?
  1. File-Level Restore
  2. Virtual Disk Restore
  3. Object-Level Restore
  4. Full VM Restore
Correct answer: D

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