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Exam TOGAF 9 Part 1
Number OG0-091
File Name TOGAF 9 Part 1.Actualtests.OG0-091.2018-10-02.1e.159q.vcex
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Posted October 02, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which phase of the ADM focuses on the governance and management of the Architecture Contracts that cover the overall implementation and deployment process? 

  • A: Requirements Management
  • B: Phase E
  • C: Phase F
  • D: Phase G
  • E: Phase H

Question 2
Complete the sentence. A server consolidation project that does not change the operating characteristics of the applications would require _____.

  • A: a complete ADM cycle
  • B: a complete re-architecting change
  • C: a full revision of the enterprise architecture
  • D: an incremental change
  • E: a simplification change

Question 3
Which one of the following is an objective of the Preliminary Phase of the ADM?

  • A: To define, scope and prioritize architecture tasks
  • B: To define the architecture principles
  • C: To develop a Target Business Architecture
  • D: To obtain management commitment for this cycle of the ADM
  • E: To prioritize work packages

Question 4
In the Preliminary Phase, Which of the following drives the requirements and performance metrics when scoping the enterprise architecture work?

  • A: Architecture governance
  • B: Business imperatives
  • C: Solution architecture
  • D: Service level agreements
  • E: Time horizon

Question 5
The Requirements Management Phase is responsible forWhich one of the following activities?

  • A: Addressing requirements
  • B: Disposal of resolved requirements 
  • C: Generating requirements
  • D: Managing the flow of requirements
  • E: Prioritizing requirements

Question 6
Complete the sentence. The Business Transformation Readiness Assessment technique is primarily focused on ___

  • A: determining if the organization is ready to accept change
  • B: planning the migration steps needed to achieve the transformation
  • C: ensuring that there are adequate trained developers and engineers to implement the solution
  • D: ensuring that there is sufficient financial capacity to execute the desired transformation
  • E: determining if there is adequate stakeholder support for the implementation process

Question 7
Which of the following statements does NOT correctly describe Architecture Principles?

  • A: They are most effective when they are embraced and used across the organization
  • B: They are based on enterprise principles
  • C: They are detailed policies that prescribe behaviors and requirements
  • D: Even though they may appear generic, they should be tailored to reflect an organization's culture and goals

Question 8
Complete the sentence. All of the following are sections of the recommended template for defining Architecture Principles, except ___________

  • A: Name
  • B: Statement of Principle
  • C: Rationale
  • D: Enforcement Policy
  • E: Implications

Question 9
Which one of the following lists the five quality criteria for defining Architecture Principles?

  • A: Rational, Explained, Precise, Stated, Identifiable
  • B: Comprehensive, Future proof, Short, Concise, Consistent
  • C: Open, Enabling, Flexible, Agile, Dynamic
  • D: Stable, Understandable, Complete, Robust, Consistent

Question 10
Complete the sentence. The key purpose of Gap Analysis is to _____ 

  • A: establish quality parameters for the architecture
  • B: identify potential missing or overlapping functions
  • C: validate nonfunctional requirements
  • D: identify commercial building blocks to be purchased
  • E: determine the required service levels for the architecture



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