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Exam IT4IT Part 1 Exam
Number OG0-061
File Name IT4IT Part 1 Exam.Test-king.OG0-061.2019-09-26.1e.19q.vcex
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Posted September 26, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What is the purpose of the Request Rationalization functional component? 

  • A: Presenting service offers to consumers and facilitating consumption and payment
  • B: Aggregating catalog from various suppliers into consumable Offers that users can order
  • C: Breaking down and routing requests, and keeping Subscription information up do date
  • D: Orchestrating the delivery of various requests amongst (one or more) fulfillment engines in order to deliver the IT service

Question 2
What is the difference between primary and supporting activities in the IT Value Chain?

  • A: Primary activities are core for the overall business operating model, while the activities of the IT value chain are a supporting activity
  • B: Primary activities focus on the early stages of the IT lifecycle, while supporting activities focus on the later stages
  • C: Primary activities are core and vital to the IT function, while supporting activities help ensure its efficiency and effectiveness
  • D: Primary activities focus on systems design and construction; supporting activities include planning and operations management

Question 3
What is a goal of the Diagnostics and Remediation functional component?

  • A: To design, create, and manage Service Contracts
  • B: To aggregate Events
  • C: To shorten Mean Time to Repair
  • D: To manage the lifecycle of Requests for Change

Question 4
What is a benefit of implementing the Strategy to Portfolio value stream?

  • A: Increased business effectiveness by providing a foundation for moving from traditional IT service management to service brokerage
  • B: Services designed in accordance with standards and policies
  • C: Prioritized IT investment based on impacts on architecture and business priorities
  • D: Reduced costs by proactively identifying issues before the service impact becomes severe

Question 5
What functional component aggregates Catalog Composition items and external supplier catalogs into consumable Offers? 

  • A: Offer Consumption
  • B: Fulfillment Execution
  • C: Catalog Composition
  • D: Offer Management

Question 6
What does the Event data object represent?

  • A: A user inquiry to the Service Desk
  • B: An alert signifying a change of state of a monitored Configuration Item
  • C: An issue or flaw with delivered code or physical service blueprint
  • D: An interruption to normal service operations

Question 7
Which functional component within the Requirement to Deploy value stream produces the Logical Service Blueprint?

  • A: Build Package
  • B: Enterprise Architecture
  • C: Service Portfolio
  • D: Service Design

Question 8
What is a benefit of implementing the Requirement to Deploy value stream for the business?

  • A: Improving the speed at which issues with a business service are identified, including proactive identification before impact is severe
  • B: Accelerate sourcing and delivery of applications through best practices such as re-use, automation, and collaboration
  • C: Accurate visibility of business and IT demand; re-balance IT investments between strategic and operational demand
  • D: Increased fulfillment efficiency and consistency through standard change deployment and automation

Question 9
UML is the Object Management Group Unified Modeling Language. 
The IT4IT definition of the Service Lifecycle Data Object aligns with what UML concept?

  • A: Component
  • B: Class
  • C: Activity
  • D: Artifact

Question 10
Complete the sentence. The IT4IT Reference Architecture is intended to help organizations ________________.

  • A: adapt to change without having to re-factor the IT management architecture
  • B: define, implement, and govern an innovative microservice-based architecture
  • C: implement web-scale and distributed computing
  • D: assess the maturity of their IT processes



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