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Exam ArchiMate 2 Combined Part 1 and 2 Examination
Number OG0-023
File Name ArchiMate 2 Combined Part 1 and 2.Testkings.OG0-023.2018-11-27.1e.55q.vcex
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Posted November 27, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Consider the following diagram:


What does the diagram express about the structure of the Underwriting Application?

  • A: The Underwriting Application groups together a number of modules that are either free-standing or part of other applications
  • B: The Underwriting Application is composed of three application components
  • C: The Underwriting Application invokes three other modules
  • D: The Underwriting Application performs three functions

Question 2
The following diagram shows a typical group of stakeholders:


Which ArchiMate viewpoint abstraction level would support these stakeholders for the purpose of change management? 

  • A: Coherence
  • B: Designing
  • C: Details
  • D: Overview

Question 3
Consider the following diagram:


Which of the following best describes the relationship between the four objects in Group A?

  • A: The objects share information
  • B: The objects are collaborating on a key initiative
  • C: The objects were instantiated at the same time
  • D: The objects belong together based on some common characteristic

Question 4
Consider the following symbol, which represents information about a transformation project at ArchiSurance involving systems and business processes:


Which of the following statements correctly expresses the meaning of the symbol?

  • A: The Board of Directors will use the transformed systems
  • B: The Board of Directors has a business role in the project
  • C: The transformed systems will store information of interest to the Board of Directors
  • D: The Board of Directors has concerns about the project

Question 5
Consider the following statement:
A business actor is a structural passive entity from the ArchiMate business layer. 
A business object is a structural passive entity from the ArchiMate business layer that can perform behavior such as business processes or functions, 
Which of the following answers is correct regarding statements 1 and 2?

  • A: Only statement 1 is correct
  • B: Only statement 2 is correct
  • C: Both statements 1 and 2 are correct
  • D: Both statements 1 and 2 are incorrect

Question 6
Which of the following answers contain only concepts within the scope of the ArchiMate Motivation extension?

  • A: Principle, Requirement, Work Package
  • B: Business Object, Business Process, Assessment
  • C: Program, Project, Plateau
  • D: Stakeholder, Driver, Principle

Question 7
Which Implementation and Migration Extension viewpoint is used to model the management of architecture change?

  • A: Migration viewpoint
  • B: Implementation and Migration viewpoint
  • C: Business Function viewpoint
  • D: Project viewpoint

Question 8
Consider the following diagram, which shows a relationship between two business objects:


Which of the following best describes the relationship shown in the diagram between Insurance Policy and Insured Individuals?

  • A: Insurance policy is composed of insured individuals
  • B: Insurance policy is used by insured individuals
  • C: All required information about insured individuals is stored within the insurance policy record
  • D: Insurance policy groups insured individuals

Question 9
Consider the following three graphical notations:


Which of the three graphical notations represent the concept of a network? 

  • A: Only notation 1 represents the network concept
  • B: Only notation 2 represents the network concept
  • C: Notations 1 and 3 represent the network concept
  • D: All three notations represent the network concept

Question 10
Consider the following diagram, which conforms to a standard ArchiMate viewpoint that uses a simplified notation:


To which standard ArchiMate viewpoint does this diagram conform?

  • A: Elementary viewpoint
  • B: Introductory viewpoint
  • C: Coherence viewpoint
  • D: Deciding viewpoint



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