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Exam Administration of Symantec Data Loss Prevention 15
Number 250-438
File Name Administration of Symantec Data Loss Prevention 15.selftestengine.250-438.2019-10-14.1e.42q.vcex
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Posted October 14, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers are supported for hosting Cloud Prevent for Office 365? (Choose two.)

  • A: Any customer-hosted private cloud
  • B: Amazon Web Services
  • C: AT&T
  • D: Verizon
  • E: Rackspace

Question 2
A DLP administrator has enabled and successfully tested custom attribute lookups for incident data based on the Active Directory LDAP plugin. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has attempted to generate a User Risk Summary report, but the report is empty. The DLP administrator confirms the Cisco’s role has the “User Reporting” privilege enabled, but User Risk reporting is still not working. 
What is the probable reason that the User Risk Summary report is blank?

  • A: Only DLP administrators are permitted to access and view data for high risk users.
  • B: The Enforce server has insufficient permissions for importing user attributes.
  • C: User attribute data must be configured separately from incident data attributes.
  • D: User attributes have been incorrectly mapped to Active Directory accounts.

Question 3
How should a DLP administrator exclude a custom endpoint application named “custom_app.exe” from being monitoring by Application File Access Control?

  • A: Add “custom_app.exe” to the “Application Whitelist” on all Endpoint servers.
  • B: Add “custom_app.exe” Application Monitoring Configuration and de-select all its channel options.
  • C: Add “custom_app_.exe” as a filename exception to the Endpoint Prevent policy.
  • D: Add “custom_app.exe” to the “Program Exclusion List” in the agent configuration settings.

Question 4
What detection server is used for Network Discover, Network Protect, and Cloud Storage?

  • A: Network Protect Storage Discover
  • B: Network Discover/Cloud Storage Discover
  • C: Network Prevent/Cloud Detection Service
  • D: Network Protect/Cloud Detection Service

Question 5
Which two locations can Symantec DLP scan and perform Information Centric Encryption (ICE) actions on? (Choose two.)

  • A: Exchange
  • B: Jiveon
  • C: File store
  • D: SharePoint
  • E: Confluence

Question 6
Which detection method depends on “training sets”?

  • A: Form Recognition
  • B: Vector Machine Learning (VML)
  • C: Index Document Matching (IDM)
  • D: Exact Data Matching (EDM)

Question 7
Which option correctly describes the two-tier installation type for Symantec DLP?

  • A: Install the Oracle database on the host, and install the Enforce server and a detection server on a second host.
  • B: Install the Oracle database on a local physical host, and install the Enforce server and detection servers on virtual hosts in the Cloud.
  • C: Install the Oracle database and a detection server in the same host, and install the Enforce server on a second host.
  • D: Install the Oracle database and Enforce server on the same host, and install detection servers on separate hosts.

Question 8
A DLP administrator has added several approved endpoint devices as exceptions to an Endpoint Prevent policy that blocks the transfer of sensitive data. However, data transfers to these devices are still being blocked. 
What is the first action an administrator should take to enable data transfers to the approved endpoint devices?

  • A: Disable and re-enable the Endpoint Prevent policy to activate the changes
  • B: Double-check that the correct device ID or class has been entered for each device
  • C: Verify Application File Access Control (AFAC) is configured to monitor the specific application
  • D: Edit the exception rule to ensure that the “Match On” option is set to “Attachments”

Question 9
What is the default fallback option for the Endpoint Prevent Encrypt response rule?

  • A: Block
  • B: User Cancel
  • C: Encrypt
  • D: Notify

Question 10
Which two components can perform a file system scan of a workstation? (Choose two.)

  • A: Endpoint Server
  • B: DLP Agent
  • C: Network Prevent for Web Server
  • D: Discover Server
  • E: Enforce Server



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