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Exam Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing (S90-01A)
Number S90.01
File Name Fundamental SOA _ Service-Oriented Computing (S90-01A).PracticeTest.S90.01.2018-10-03.1e.54q.vcex
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Posted October 03, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following statements is false?

  • A: Industry standards are usually produced by standards organizations.
  • B: Industry standards are usually created by standards committees so that they do not favor any one vendor or organization.
  • C: The use of industry standards alone automatically results in fully standardized service-oriented solutions.
  • D: XML is an example of an industry standard.

Question 2
You can create __________ or __________ service inventories.

  • A: process-specific, process-wide
  • B: domain, enterprise
  • C: domain, process-specific
  • D: enterprise, process-specific

Question 3
__________ and __________ are used to classify and organize services within a service inventory.

  • A: service compositions, service-oriented solutions
  • B: service capabilities, service compositions
  • C: service models, service layers
  • D: service contracts, service capabilities

Question 4
The standardization of services within a service inventory supports the repeated __________ of services, thereby increasing their potential reuse.

  • A: integration
  • B: composition
  • C: definition
  • D: expression

Question 5
Solution logic is classified as "service-oriented" after:

  • A: it has been built using Web services
  • B: it has been built using RPC technologies
  • C: it has been performance tested to a meaningful extent
  • D: service-orientation has been applied to a meaningful extent

Question 6
A __________ can be part of a/an __________ which can be assembled from __________ within a/an __________.

  • A: component, object, enterprises, service
  • B: service inventory, service, enterprises, service composition
  • C: service, service composition, services, service inventory
  • D: service inventory, service, service compositions, enterprise

Question 7
Two common, yet opposing SOA delivery approaches are:

  • A: bottom-up and upside-down
  • B: top-down and left-to-right
  • C: upside-down and left-to-right
  • D: none of the above

Question 8
When designing service-oriented architectures, it is important to take the strategic goal of Increased Vendor Diversity Options into account, because this goal:

  • A: encourages you to commit to one vendor platform and stick with that platform, which fosters long-term flexibility
  • B: encourages you to retain the constant option of using proprietary vendor features and extensions so that they can be entrenched into your service-oriented architectures for long-term flexibility
  • C: encourages you to retain the constant option to extend or replace parts of your service-oriented architectures with different vendor technologies or products, which fosters long-term flexibility
  • D: encourages you to bridge disparity between vendor platforms by using modern transformation technologies for long-term flexibility

Question 9
Services can be referred to as __________ because of the enterprise-centric design considerations of service-orientation and SOA.

  • A: enterprise architectures
  • B: enterprise resources
  • C: enterprise definitions
  • D: enterprise-centric business models

Question 10
A service inventory is considered to have normalized services when:

  • A: its scope does not overlap with any existing databases
  • B: service boundaries within the service inventory do not overlap with each other
  • C: each service within the service inventory is not used by more than one service composition
  • D: legacy systems within the service inventory boundary do not overlap with each other



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