Download Six Sigma.CertDumps.LSSYB.2018-01-16.1e.119q.vcex

Six Sigma.CertDumps.LSSYB.2018-01-16.1e.119q.vcexSix Sigma.CertDumps.LSSYB.2018-01-16.1e.119q.vcexSix Sigma.CertDumps.LSSYB.2018-01-16.1e.119q.vcexSix Sigma.CertDumps.LSSYB.2018-01-16.1e.119q.vcexSix Sigma.CertDumps.LSSYB.2018-01-16.1e.119q.vcexSix Sigma.CertDumps.LSSYB.2018-01-16.1e.119q.vcex
Exam Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam
Number LSSYB
File Name Six Sigma.CertDumps.LSSYB.2018-01-16.1e.119q.vcex
Size 69 Kb
Posted May 12, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

When a process has proven itself to function at a Six Sigma level this means there are less than ________ defects per million opportunities.

  • A: 1.7
  • B: 2.6
  • C: 3.4
  • D: 10
Question 2

Six Sigma refers to a process whose output has at least 95% of its data points within 6 Standard Deviations from the Mean.

  • A: True
  • B: False
Question 3

Training cost is $3,000 and a project required an initial investment of $12,000. If the project yields monthly savings of $1,800 beginning after 3 months, what is the payback period in months (before money costs and taxes)?

  • A: 4.17
  • B: 8.33
  • C: 11.33
  • D: 28.28
Question 4

The ROI for a project is a measurement metric that stands for Return on Investment and is one of the methods used to measure the success of a Lean Six Sigma project.

  • A: True
  • B: False
Question 5

The DMAIC approach to problem solving stands for Define, __________, Analyze, Improve and Control.

  • A: Manage
  • B: Measure
  • C: Memorize
  • D: Manipulate
Question 6

Voice of the Customer is a Lean Six Sigma technique to determine the ___________ attributes of a product or service.

  • A: Desirable
  • B: Beneficial
  • C: Critical-to-Quality
  • D: Preferred
Question 7

Benefits and working conditions would be primarily the concern of which of the following?

  • A: Voice of the Customer
  • B: Voice of the Employee
  • C: Voice of the Business
  • D: Voice of the Process
Question 8

In the expression Y = f(Xn) Y, the output, is the ___________ variable and Xn, the inputs, are the __________ variables.

  • A: Independent, dependent
  • B: Individual, multiple
  • C: Sole, multiple
  • D: Dependent, independent
Question 9

When we assess the Voice of the Customer we are attempting to determine the gaps in our processes between “what is” and __________________.

  • A: “What isn’t”
  • B: “What will make money”
  • C: “What will cost less”
  • D: “What should be”
Question 10

Which of the following would likely not be a CTQ (Critical-to-Quality) for the purchase of a product?

  • A: Functionality
  • B: Durability
  • C: Dependability
  • D: None