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Exam Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Number LSSGB
File Name Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.Testking.LSSGB.2018-11-09.1e.80q.vcex
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Posted November 09, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A periodic time frame can be used to arrange for Control Limit and Center Line calculations with good SPC implementation in a process.

  • A: True
  • B: False

Question 2
The data on SPC charts are typically constructed such that they have the most recent data point on the right hand side.  

  • A: True
  • B: False

Question 3
Which statement(s) describe an undesirable situation when implementing SPC?

  • A: The lower Control Limit for the R chart is equal to zero
  • B: Attempt to use SPC for tracking transaction times at a warehouse 
  • C: A process is in Statistical Control before implementation of SPC
  • D: The Control Limits are wider than the customer specification limits

Question 4
If a process has Outliers which pair of charts is most preferable if subgroups will exist for the Continuous Data?

  • A: Individual—Moving Range
  • B: Xbar-R Charts
  • C: Xbar-S Charts
  • D: nP and P Charts

Question 5
After a Belt has put data through the smoothing process which chart would be used to look for trends in the data?

  • A: Moving Average Chart
  • B: Multi-Vari Chart
  • C: X bar Chart
  • D: Pareto Chart

Question 6
A Belt concludes a Lean Six Sigma project with the creation of a Control Plan. At what point can the Control Plan be closed?

  • A: Never, a Control Plan is a living document
  • B: As soon as the Champion signs off
  • C: Within 30 days of the LSS project review team meeting
  • D: After the project has been presented at the recognition event

Question 7
When analyzing a data set we frequently graph one metric as a function of another. If the slope of the Correlation line is -2.5 we would say the two metrics are ___________ correlated?

  • A: Positively
  • B: Not
  • C: Negatively
  • D: None

Question 8
Multiple Linear Regressions (MLR) is best used when which of these are applicable? (Note: There are 3 correct answers).

  • A: Non-linear relationships between the inputs X’s and output Y
  • B: Uncertainty in the slope of the linear relationship between an X and a Y
  • C: Relationships between Y (output) and more than one X (Input)
  • D: Preventing the use of a Designed Experiment if unnecessary 
  • E: We assume that the X’s are independent of each other

Question 9
Fractional Factorial designs for an experimental approach are used when ____________ about the multiple metric interaction in a process.  

  • A: Much is known
  • B: Little is known
  • C: We don’t care
  • D: Data exists

Question 10
A Belt will occasionally do a quick experiment referred to as an OFAT which stands for ____________________.

  • A: Only a Few Are Tested
  • B: Opposite Factors Affect Technique
  • C: One Factor At a Time
  • D: Ordinary Fractional Approach Technique



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