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Exam Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Number LSSBB
File Name Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.Prepaway.LSSBB.2018-11-26.1e.178q.vcex
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Posted November 26, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What conclusion is most correct about the Experimental Design shown here with the response in the far right column?    


  • A: No factor has enough statistical confidence greater than 95% to have an impact on the response rate
  • B: Constant, Adv and Bev are the only factors statistically affecting the response rate with 95% confidence or more
  • C: If the Adv is increased from the low level to the high level, the response rate increases
  • D: The response level is statistically concluded to only need the Adv and Bev factors set at the low level to get the largest response rate
  • E: This design does not have enough experimental runs to conclude anything as evidenced by the lack of P-values in the MINITABTM output

Question 2
Which statement(s) are correct about the Factorial Plot shown here? (Note: There are 3 correct answers).  


  • A: When the cutting speed increased from low to high level, the tool age increases
  • B: The coefficient of the metal hardness is positively related to the output of tool age
  • C: The coded coefficient is lower for cutting speed than the cutting angle related to the output of tool age
  • D: These plots prove a statistically significance factor with 95% confidence
  • E: These plots are an example of interaction plots

Question 3
How many experimental runs exist in a Full Factorial and fully randomized design for 4 factors with 2 replicates for the Corner Points and no Center Points?  The factors in the experiment are only at 2-levels.

  • A: 10
  • B: 32 
  • C: 256
  • D: 64

Question 4
If an experiment has 5 factors and no replicates for a 2-level Experimental Design with 16 experimental runs which statement is incorrect?

  • A: The Experimental Design is half-fractional
  • B: The Main Effects are confounded with only 4-way interactions
  • C: The Main Effects for the 5 factors are not aliased or confounded but the 2-way interactions are confounded with the 3-way interactions
  • D: The experiment has 8 experimental runs with the first factor at the high level

Question 5
Which statement(s) are correct about the Pareto Chart shown here for the DOE analysis? (Note: There are 2 correct answers). 


  • A: It is unknown from this graph how many factors were in the Experimental Design
  • B: The factors to keep in the mathematical model are E, D, DE, BD and B with an alpha risk equal to 2.06
  • C: The effects to keep in the mathematical model are E, D, DE, BD and B with an alpha risk equal to 0.05
  • D: The factors to keep in the mathematical model with a 5% alpha risk are BE, AB, A and AD

Question 6
Fractional Factorial, ____________and Response Surface Method are types of planned experiments.

  • A: Multi-Vari Analysis 
  • B: Baldridge Channels
  • C: One Factor at a Time or OFAT
  • D: Factorial Design

Question 7
Relative to a Design of Experiments the term ________________ refers to variables being a linear combination of each other.

  • A: Mirror Image
  • B: Directly Parallel
  • C: Collinear
  • D: None of the above

Question 8
Which Experimental Design typically is most associated with the fewest number of input variables or factors in the design?

  • A: Fractional Factorial design
  • B: Full Factorial design
  • C: Simple Linear Regression
  • D: Response Surface Design

Question 9
The method of Steepest Ascent guides you toward a target inside the original inference space.

  • A: True
  • B: False

Question 10
Situations where standardized work needs to be incorporated include all of these except _____________________.

  • A: Machines continually operating to reduce the labor cost per piece
  • B: Lack of a system to assure proper inventory levels at repair stations
  • C: Changeover instructions incomplete
  • D: Process flow for the same product assembly taking various cycle time for completion



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