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Vendor: SAP
Exam Code: E_HANAAW_17
Exam Name: SAP Certified Development Specialist - ABAP for SAP HANA 2-0
Date: Oct 04, 2021
File Size: 209 KB
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You analyze SQL Monitor data in transaction SQLMD. You know that program X accesses database table Y. You made sure that program X was executed while the SQL Monitor collected its data. But the relevant database access is NOT listed in SQLMD.  
What could be the reason? (Choose three.)
  1. Program X was executed in the background
  2. SQL Monitor was activated for a specific application server
  3. SQL Monitor was activated with a filter that excludes database table Y
  4. The data has NOT yet been transferred to the SQL Monitor database tables
  5. Database table Y is a buffered table
Correct answer: BCD
Question 2
Which of the Golden Rules for Open SQL Performance have become more important with SAP HANA? (Choose two.)
  1. Keep unnecessary load away from the database
  2. Minimize the search overhead
  3. Minimize the number of database accesses
  4. Minimize the amount of transferred data  
Correct answer: CD
Question 3
Which tools can you use to provide input data for the SQL Performance Tuning Worklist (transaction SWLT)? (Choose three.)
  1. Database Performance Monitor (transaction: DB50)
  2. SQL Monitor (transaction: SQLM)
  3. SQL Trace (transaction: ST05)
  4. Code Inspector (transaction: SCI)
  5. ABAP Test Cockpit (transaction: АТС)
Correct answer: BDE
Question 4
Which step of the Guided Performance Analysis should you perform in theproduction system?
  1. Collecting data with SQL Monitor (SQLM)
  2. Performing an inspection with Code Inspector (SCI) 
  3. Executing a check run with ABAP Test Cockpit (АТС)
  4. Building a work list with SQL Performance Tuning Worklist (SWLT)
Correct answer: A
Question 5
Which of the following features the ABAP Test Cockpit offer that the ABAP Code Inspector does NOT offer?(Choose two.)
  1. Enhanced distribution of results
  2. Flexible schedule of check runs
  3. Configuration of check variants
  4. Documented checks
Correct answer: AB
Question 6
Which task can you perform with the SQL Monitor(transaction SQLM)?  
  1. Capture the SQL profile of an application
  2. Search the problematic SELECT * statements
  3. Display the execution plan of an SQL statement
  4. Combine static and dynamic performance analysis results
Correct answer: A
Question 7
Which functional problem can you detect when using the Runtime CheckMonitor (SRTCM)?
  1. Use of Native SQL and DB Hints
  2. Existence check for Secondary Indexes
  3. Direct access to Table Pools/Cluster
  4. Missing ORDER BY or SORT after SELECT
Correct answer: D
Question 8
Which rules does SAP recommend to improve the performance of ABAP reports on SAP HANA? (Choose two.)  
  1. Use SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES instead of a nested SELECT statement
  2. Perform all calculations and aggregations in the ABAP layer
  3. Ensure the WHERE clause contains at least one index field
  4. Ensure the access to buffered tables uses the SAP table buffer
Correct answer: CD
Question 9
What must you take into consideration when you use the new Open SQL syntax (available as of SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SP05)?(Choose two.)
  1. All classical open SQL statements in your program will become invalid
  2. All ABAP variables must be escaped with a preceding @ sign
  3. All fields in the GROUP BY clause must be separated by commas
  4. All arithmetic expressions can be used for all types of variables
Correct answer: BC
Question 10
When using an SAP HANA full text search, what do you have tokeep in mind?
  1. The full-text index is always updated asynchronously
  2. SAP HANA has to be the primary database to create a full text search
  3. The LIKE operator is required in your SELECT statement to implement fuzzy logic
  4. The SCORE ( ) function is required to ensure the best hits of your search appear on top
Correct answer: D

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