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Exam SAP S/4HANA Asset Management
Number C_TS413_1809
File Name SAP S-4HANA Asset Management.PracticeTest.C_TS413_1809.2020-04-09.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted April 09, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
To install a piece of equipment at a functional location, which of the following prerequisites must be fulfilled? (Choose two.)

  • A: The equipment category must permit an installation (Customizing)
  • B: Placing the filter mapping elements in the required order in the web.xml deployment descriptor
  • C: The Equipment Installation Allowed option must be activated in the master record for the functional location. You can further control this by using the Individual Installation option
  • D: Placing @WebFilterMapping annotations in the required order

Question 2
What is the information used to identify and manage a maintenance notification?

  • A: FortiGuard Distribution Network configuration
  • B: Header data
  • C: DHCP servers
  • D: Firewall addresses

Question 3
What can be linked to a material if there is a need for inventory management?

  • A: Piece of equipment
  • B: The ManagedExecutorTask interface
  • C: The ManagedTaskListener interface
  • D: The TaskEventListener interface

Question 4
What is entered by a requester?  
The maintenance order is created referring to the maintenance notification by the planner.

  • A: Disclaimers appear before users authenticate
  • B: Disclaimers can be bypassed through security exemption lists
  • C: Disclaimers can be used in conjunction with captive portal
  • D: Maintenance notification

Question 5
What is available via the component overview?  
You can display the graphical view of the spare parts from there.

  • A: Physical MAC address 
  • B: Errors and collisions
  • C: The button VE-Viewer
  • D: Listening TCP ports

Question 6
What can be installed and dismantled at functional locations?  
You can also monitor the installation times for a piece of equipment from both the functional location view and the equipment view.

  • A: Use a annotation
  • B: Piece of equipment
  • C: Use a annotation
  • D: Use a HandlerChain

Question 7
What is determined and confirmed available (or unavailable) by the material availability check?

  • A: Application control
  • B: File Filter
  • C: Session timeouts
  • D: The Quantity

Question 8
What are entered with reference to the reservation (reservation number)?

  • A: Remote Authentication Dial in User Service (RADIUS)
  • B: Local Password Authentication
  • C: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • D: Planned GIs

Question 9
What is used to control which characters can be used for identification (letters, numbers, special characters or all three) and how these characters are grouped together or split?

  • A: Edit mask
  • B: Billing Doc is possible
  • C: CO Doc
  • D: FI Acct Doc

Question 10
What can be started within an order or from the list editing function for Orders?

  • A: Compress and optimize the network traffic 
  • B: Offload management tasks from the main CPU
  • C: Increase maximum bandwidth available in a FortiGate interface
  • D: Material availability list



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