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Exam SAP Certified Application Associate - Data Integration with SAP Data Services 4-2
Number C_DS_42
File Name SAP Certified Application Associate -Data Integration with SAP Data Services 4-2.dump4pass.C_DS_42.2022-01-04.1e.80q.vcex
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Posted January 04, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
How to Create a new template table alpha_NA_customer in the Delta datastore as the target object?

  • A: To add a new template table to the workspace, in the tool palette, choose the Template Table icon, and click the workspace
  • B: In the Create Template dialog box, in the Table name field, enter alpha_NA_customer
  • C: In the In datastore field, choose Delta from the dropdown list
  • D: Select the customer table from the Alpha datastore.

Question 2
You must ensure that all records from the Customer table in the Alpha database are being moved to the Delta staging database using the audit logs. 
In the Local Object Library, replicate the Alpha_NACustomer_DF data flow. 
Name the replicated data flow Alpha_AuditCustomer_DF . Add the replicated data flow to a new job,Alpha_AuditCustomer_Job . 
Set up auditing on the data flow lpha_AuditCustomer_DF by adding an audit rule to compare the total number of records in the source and target tables. 
How to Save all changes and execute the job with auditing enabled and Trace Audit Data set to Yes

  • A: To remove the existing audit rule, choose Delete
  • B: Choose Add and select Custom .
  • C: Right-click the Alpha_AuditCustomer_Job and choose Execute .
  • D: In the Execution Properties dialog box, in the Execution Options tab, select the Enable auditing checkbox.
  • E: In the Trace tab, choose Trace Audit Data .
  • F: In the Value field, using the drop down list, change the value to Yes.

Question 3
You must calculate the total value of all orders, including their discounts, for reporting purposes. Currently these details are found in different tables. 
Use the sum function to calculate the total value of orders in the Order_Details table. 
How to in the Query transform, create a new output column TOTAL_VALUE , which will hold the new calculation.

  • A: To map the ORDERID column from the input schema to the same field in the output schema, select ORDERID and drag to the output schema
  • B: In the output schema, right click ORDERID and choose New output column.
  • C: Choose the Where tab or the From tab.
  • D: Choose Insert Below.

Question 4
Which SAP Data Services transforms would you use in a dataflow to load a slowly changing dimension of type 2? 

  • A: Row_Generation
  • B: Table_Comparison
  • C: Key_Generation
  • D: History_Preserving
  • E: Effective_Date

Question 5
In the workspace for Alpha_Product_DF, How to add the product table from the Alpha datastore as the source object?

  • A: In the Project area, right-click the project name and, in the context menu, choose New Batch Job .
  • B: In the Local Object Library , choose the Datastores tab.
  • C: Select the product table from the Alpha datastore.
  • D: Drag the table to the data flow workspace and choose Make Source.

Question 6
Where does An administrator sets user permissions?

  • A: Central Management Server (CMS)
  • B: Management Console
  • C: Data Services Management Console
  • D: Management Console navigation

Question 7
You have a Salary table containing departments (DEPARTMENT column) and salaries (SALARY column). 
How do you calculate the average salaries for each department in the Query transform in SAP Data Services?

  • A: Specify the DEPARTMENT column on the GROUP BY tab.
  • B: Enter avg(SALARY) on the Mapping tab.
  • C: Enter avg(SALARY) on the SELECT tab.
  • D: Specify the DEPARTMENT code on the WHERE tab. 

Question 8
What do you call for that particular link of Clicking to Click to open the Documentation Map, which lists the SAP Data Services technical documentation available to end users or administrators, and a link to the customer portal where you can find the latest versions of the documentation?

  • A: Settings
  • B: Home
  • C: Logout
  • D: Question mark icon

Question 9
How to Use a WHERE clause to select only customers in North America (North American countries are United States, Canada, and Mexico which have COUNTRYID values of 1, 2,and 11)?

  • A: In the Query editor, choose the WHERE tab
  • B: Enter the where clause, customer.COUNTRYID in (1,2,11)
  • C: To save all changes, choose OK
  • D: Confirm that 22 records were loaded

Question 10
By which application you do View, analyze, and print graphical representations of all objects as depicted in the Designer including their relationships, properties, and more?

  • A: Administrator
  • B: Impact and Lineage Analysis
  • C: Operational Dashboard
  • D: Data Validation Dashboard
  • E: Auto Documentation
  • F: Data Quality Reports


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