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Exam Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
Number CRT-450
File Name Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I.Test-king.CRT-450.2018-12-02.1e.31q.vcex
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Posted December 02, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
While writing a test class that covers an OpportunityLineItem trigger, a Developer is unable to create a standard PriceBook since one already exists in the org. 
How should the Developer overcome this problem?

  • A: Use Test.getStandardPricebookId() to get the standard PriceBook ID.
  • B: Use @IsTest(SeeAllData=true) and delete the existing standard PriceBook.
  • C: Use Test.loadData() and a Static Resource to load a standard Pricebook.
  • D: Use @TestVisible to allow the test method to see the standard PriceBook.

Question 2
Which two Apex data types can be used to reference a Salesforce record ID dynamically? (Choose two.) 

  • A: ENUM
  • B: sObject
  • C: External ID
  • D: String

Question 3
Where can a developer identify the time taken by each process in a transaction using Developer Console log inspector?

  • A: Performance Tree tab under Stack Tree panel
  • B: Execution Tree tab under Stack Tree panel
  • C: Timeline tab under Execution Overview panel
  • D: Save Order tab under Execution Overview panel

Question 4
A developer needs to test an Invoicing system integration. After reviewing the number of transactions required for the test, the developer estimates that the test data will total about 2 GB of data storage. Production data is not required for the integration testing. 
Which two environments meet the requirements for testing? (Choose two.)

  • A: Developer Sandbox
  • B: Full Sandbox
  • C: Developer Edition
  • D: Partial Sandbox
  • E: Developer Pro Sandbox

Question 5
A developer working on a time management application wants to make total hours for each timecard available to application users. A timecard entry has a Master-Detail relationship to a timecard. 
Which approach should the developer use to accomplish this declaratively?

  • A: A Visualforce page that calculates the total number of hours for a timecard and displays it on the page
  • B: A Roll-Up Summary field on the Timecard Object that calculates the total hours from timecard entries for that timecard
  • C: A Process Builder process that updates a field on the timecard when a timecard entry is created
  • D: An Apex trigger that uses an Aggregate Query to calculate the hours for a given timecard and stores it in a custom field

Question 6
A developer encounters APEX heap limit errors in a trigger. 
Which two methods should the developer use to avoid this error? (Choose two.)

  • A: Use the transient keyword when declaring variables.
  • B: Query and store fields from the related object in a collection when updating related objects.
  • C: Remove or set collections to null after use.
  • D: Use SOQL for loops instead of assigning large queries results to a single collection and looping through the collection.

Question 7
Which two statements are true about using the @testSetup annotation in an Apex test class? (Choose two.)

  • A: The @testSetup annotation cannot be used when the @isTest(SeeAllData=True) annotation is used.
  • B: Test data is inserted once for all test methods in a class.
  • C: Records created in the @testSetup method cannot be updates in individual test methods.
  • D: The @testSetup method is automatically executed before each test method in the test class is executed. 

Question 8
What is the requirement for a class to be used as a custom Visualforce controller?

  • A: Any top-level Apex class that has a constructor that returns a PageReference
  • B: Any top-level Apex class that extends a PageReference
  • C: Any top-level Apex class that has a default, no-argument constructor
  • D: Any top-level Apex class that implements the controller interface

Question 9
A Visualforce page is required for displaying and editing Case records that includes both standard and custom functionality defined in an Apex class called myControllerExtension. 
The Visualforce page should include which <apex:page> attribute(s) to correctly implement controller functionality?

  • A: controller=“Case” and extensions=“myControllerExtension”
  • B: extensions=“myControllerExtension”
  • C: controller=“myControllerExtension”
  • D: standardController=“Case” and extensions=“myControllerExtension”

Question 10
A newly hired developer discovers that there are multiple triggers on the case object. 
What should the developer consider when working with triggers?

  • A: Developers must dictate the order of trigger execution.
  • B: Trigger execution order is based on creation date and time.
  • C: Unit tests must specify the trigger being tested.
  • D: Trigger execution order is not guaranteed for the same sObject.



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