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Exam Sales Cloud Consultant
Number CRT-251
File Name Salesforce.actualtests.CRT-251.2018-07-30.1e.38q.vcex
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Posted August 07, 2018


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Demo Questions

Question 1

A system administrator at Universal Containers created a new account record type. However, sales users are unable to select the new record type when creating new account records. 
What are two possible reasons for this? (Choose two.)

  • A: The record type has not been added to the sales user profile.
  • B: The record type does not have an associated page layout.
  • C: The record type has not been set as the default record type.
  • D: The record type has not been activated.
Question 2

What must an administrator do when creating a record type?

  • A: Add the record type to the required user records.
  • B: Assign the record type to the appropriate profiles.
  • C: Set the field-level security for the record type.
  • D: Create a new page layout for the record type.
Question 3

Which two are purposes of the AppExchange? (Choose two.)

  • A: Administrators can download and customize pre-built dashboards and reports.
  • B: Support users can install the Salesforce Console for Service custom app.
  • C: Customers can share and install apps published by Salesforce partners.
  • D: Partners can download accounts and contacts to collaborate on sales deals.
Question 4

Which two actions can be completed with a workflow field update? (Choose two.)

  • A: Apply a specific value to a field.
  • B: Select a formula field for a field update.
  • C: Change the record type of a record.
  • D: Update the value of a field on a child object.
Question 5

Universal Containers wants support agents skilled in a particular product line to own cases directly after customers log them from an automated channel. 
What feature meets this requirement?

  • A: Workflow Field Update
  • B: Case Escalation Rules
  • C: Case Team Routing
  • D: Assignment Rules
Question 6

Which two object records can be synced with Lightning Sync?

  • A: Opportunities
  • B: Contacts
  • C: Calendar Events
  • D: Accounts
Question 7

Universal Containers requires that the organization-wide default for opportunities be set to public read/write. However, sales users are complaining that opportunity reports return too many results, making it difficult to find their team’s opportunities in the report results. 
How can the system administrator address the problem?

  • A: Use the Field filter to reduce records returned.
  • B: Move the opportunity reports into a folder with restricted access.
  • C: Move the opportunity reports into each user’s personal report folder.
  • D: Update the sharing rules to limit user access to certain opportunities.
Question 8

Which two chart types should be used to display summary values from two different levels of grouping in a report? (Choose two.)

  • A: Donut chart
  • B: Funnel chart
  • C: Stacked bar chart
  • D: Grouped line chart
Question 9

A Lightning for Outlook layout can be assigned to which two options? (Choose two.)

  • A: Profile
  • B: User
  • C: Role
  • D: Team
Question 10

How can an Administrator allow all internal users to view a dashboard as a Sales Manager within a sale region?

  • A: Create a dashboard to run as the logged-in user.
  • B: Create a dashboard with multiple components.
  • C: Create a dashboard for all opportunities in the region.
  • D: Create a dashboard to run as a specified user.