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Exam Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist
Number CRT-160
File Name Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist.testinside.CRT-160.2019-03-19.1e.65q.vcex
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Posted March 19, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What should be enabled on a Pardot form if an Administrator wants to sign many people up on the same computer at a trade show booth?

  • A: reCAPTCHA
  • B: Kiosk/Data Entry Mode
  • C: Progressive Profiling
  • D: “Not you”? Link

Question 2
How many visitors per identified company will be displayed in the Identified Companies table on the dashboard?

  • A: As many visitors that have engaged with the website from that company.
  • B: 1
  • C: 2
  • D: 3

Question 3
An Administrator wants to have a thank you email sent after the form on the “Request a Demo” landing page is submitted.  
Where can this be configured to ensure that every time the landing page is completed, the email is sent?

  • A: Configure an autoresponder email to send as a completion action when the ‘Request a Demo” landing page has been submitted.
  • B: Configure an automation rule to send the email when “Request a Demo” form has been successfully completed.
  • C: Configure a segmentation rule to send the email when “Request a Demo” landing page has been successfully completed.
  • D: Configure an autoresponder email to send as a completion action when the “Request a Demo” form has been submitted.

Question 4
What does the Google Analytics connector allow Pardot to do?

  • A: Sync prospects with Google AdWords.
  • B: Send emails to prospects from Gmail.
  • C: Update the conversion field in Google Analytics.
  • D: Append UTM parameters to a prospect record.

Question 5
A user needs to change which form is used in a running engagement program.  
What is the first step the user must take in order to make this change?

  • A: Name the new version of the program
  • B: Pause the program
  • C: Delete the old form
  • D: Edit the program

Question 6
In order for the Salesforce connector to verify, what does the connector user need to enter?

  • A: The Administrator’s Pardot credential
  • B: The Administrator’s Salesforce credential
  • C: The connector user’s Salesforce credential
  • D: The connector user’s Pardot credential

Question 7
An Administrator wants to make a list of all prospects who complete the Contact Us form but only wants them to be added the first time they complete the form. If a prospect is ever removed from the list, they shouldn’t be able to get added back to it.  
What is a recommended way to create this type of list?

  • A: Use a completion action on the form to automatically add anyone who completes it to the list.
  • B: Use a dynamic list that matches prospects as they complete the form.
  • C: Use an automation rule where prospects who complete the form will match the rule once and be added to the list.
  • D: Use table actions to add prospects who have completed the form to the list.

Question 8
Which Pardot asset would an Administrator create in order to collect the information form prospects who are interested in being for an upcoming product launch?

  • A: Engagement program with product launch details.
  • B: Email template with a form embedded into the HTML.
  • C: Landing page without a form.
  • D: Landing page with a form.

Question 9
Which type of custom field can be created within Pardot?

  • A: Campaign, Opportunity, Prospect
  • B: Case, Contact, Lead
  • C: Account, Prospect, User
  • D: Account, Opportunity, Prospect

Question 10
Which three activities can increase or decrease a score in the baseline scoring system? (Choose three answers.)

  • A: Landing page error
  • B: Unsubscribed from email
  • C: Assigned to a user
  • D: Webinar attended
  • E: Form submission



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