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Demo Questions

Question 1
Cloud Kicks' marketing department is migrating from its email campaign and management system to Salesforce. The marketing administrator wants to ensure that Cloud Kicks' email  
templates are retained. Which two solutions should a Consultant recommend for a successful migration? Choose 2 Answers

  • A: Manually recreate the email and mail merge templates in Salesforce.
  • B: Enable Email Import and use the import Wizard
  • C: Enable Email to Salesforce before sending email templates to Salesforce
  • D: Import email templates the Data Loader
  • E: Create an email template change set or use the Lightning Platform.

Question 2
Cloud Kicks needs the ability to determine the effectiveness of a recent marketing campaign on new leads. Which solution should the Consultant recommend?

  • A: Create a custom object and a record for the campaign, then relate the newly created record to the lead.
  • B: Enable customizable campaign influence and report on the influence percent and revenue share.
  • C: Specify the date range of the leads added to the campaign.
  • D: Create a custom text field to capture the marketing campaign

Question 3
Cloud Kicks' high-value opportunities are becoming delayed in the approval process because sales manager’s approval requests go unnoticed for various reasons. 
Cloud Kicks wants to streamline the approval process and give sales managers more ways to approve Opportunities in a timely manner. 
Which two strategies should the Consultant recommend to improve the approval process? Choose 2 Answers

  • A: Enable one-click approval from report results that returns high-value Opportunities
  • B: Allow managers to approve or reject requests via the Approval Requests tab.
  • C: Create a dashboard of pending approvals and add it to the Chatter feed.
  • D: Create a process builder to automatically approve high-value Opportunities.
  • E: Enable approvals by email for the approval process for high-value Opportunities.

Question 4
A Sales Rep at Cloud Kicks must have access to all child Accounts of the Accounts they own. The Organization-wide Default setting for Account is private. 
What happens if a user has access to a parent Account?

  • A: The user will access to All Accounts if "Grant Access using Hierarchies" is enabled.
  • B: Access can be granted by setting up a sharing rule via Account Hierarchy.
  • C: Access to child Account will need to be manually added.
  • D: The sales rep will have access to child Account records.

Question 5
Sales Management at Cloud Kicks has noticed that the Quote amount on Opportunities does not match the Opportunity amount. 
Which two actions should the Consultant recommend to resolve this issue? Choose 2 Answers

  • A: Build a Workflow rule to update the Opportunity Amount with a Grand Total Value on the Quote Record.
  • B: Add the Syncing checkbox to the Quotes related list.
  • C: Add a global action to sync the Quote with the Opportunity.
  • D: Add a Sync button to the Page Layout.
  • E: Build a formula field on Opportunity to roll up Total Value from the Quote Record.

Question 6
Cloud Kicks uses an external ERP application to process its orders. This ERP application needs to receive data about Opportunities when the Opportunity closes. 
Which two solutions should the Consultant recommend? Choose 2 Answers

  • A: Outbound Message with Workflow Rules
  • B: Connected App
  • C: Single Sign-on
  • D: REST Callout

Question 7
The operations manager wants to synchronize customer list from the back office systems with Salesforce. What should the Consultant recommend to ensure data integrity?

  • A: Create a webservice connection between the Salesforce instance and the back office system.
  • B: Create a unique ID field on the Opportunity object.
  • C: Create an Apex trigger to exchange data between the Salesforce instance and the back office system.
  • D: Create an External ID field on the Account object.

Question 8
In the last requirements meeting, Cloud Kicks team members mention that they will be taking the next week off for a conference. 
What should a Consultant do in response to this news?

  • A: Set up two requirements workshops the following week
  • B: Have the client sign off on requirements and start the build
  • C: Update the solution design while they are at the conference
  • D: Update the project plan and communicate it to all the stakeholders

Question 9
A consultant is meeting with a nonprofit client for the first time to discuss implementing the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. 
The client outlines their current processes, including the standard and custom objects they use in Salesforce. 
What two topics should the consultant consider during the analyze phase of the implementation? Choose 2 Answers

  • A: Identify stakeholders and create a project team.
  • B: Discuss implementation timelines and potential barriers.
  • C: Establish specific topics for end user admin training.
  • D: Suggest a new process for gathering lead and campaign data.

Question 10
A Consultant for Cloud Kicks Sales Cloud has proposed implementing an Account Hierarchy. What impact could the redesign have on the org?

  • A: A user who owns an Account at the bottom of the hierarchy has access to all parent Accounts.
  • B: The Account Hierarchy can be visualized from all levels in the structure.
  • C: The value of all Opportunities in an Account Hierarchy are visible on the parent Account
  • D: The ownership of an Account determines the visibility of the Account Hierarchy.


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