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Exam Certified Advanced Administrator
Number Certified-Advanced-Administrator
File Name Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.VCEplus.Certified-Advanced-Administrator.2020-02-08.1e.60q.vcex
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Posted February 08, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
An administrator has been asked to create a replica of the production organization. The requirement states that existing fields, page layouts, record types, objects, and data contained in the fields and objects need to be available in the replica organization.
How can the administrator meet this requirement?

  • A: Create a developer sandbox
  • B: Create a configuration-only sandbox
  • C: Create a metadata sandbox
  • D: Create a full sandbox

Question 2
Which two deployment tools can be used to deploy metadata from a Developer Edition organization to another organization? (Choose two.)

  • A: Data Loader
  • B: Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code
  • C: Change sets
  • D: Ant Migration Tool

Question 3
An administrator wants to allow users who are creating leads to have access to the Find Duplicates button.
Which lead object-level permission will the administrator need to provide to these users?

  • A: Merge
  • B: Read and Edit
  • C: View All
  • D: Delete

Question 4
What are three capabilities of Collaborative Forecasting? (Choose three.)

  • A: Rename categories
  • B: Forecast using opportunity splits
  • C: Overlay quota 
  • D: Add categories
  • E: Select a default currency setting

Question 5
Universal Containers wants customers who buy the Freight Container product to be billed in monthly installments.
How should an administrator meet this requirement?

  • A: Create a default quantity schedule on the product
  • B: Create a default revenue schedule on the product
  • C: Create a workflow rule on the product
  • D: Create a custom fields on the product

Question 6
A user has a profile with read-only permissions for the case object.
How can the user be granted edit permission for cases?

  • A: Create a permission set with edit permissions for the case object
  • B: Create a sharing rule on the case object with read/write level of access
  • C: Create a public group with edit permissions for the case object
  • D: Add the user in a role hierarchy above users with edit permissions on the case object

Question 7
Which three actions can occur when an administrator clicks "Save" after making a number of modifications to Knowledge data categories in a category group and changing their positions in the hierarchy? (Choose three.)

  • A: Users are temporarily locked out of their ability to access articles
  • B: Users may temporarily experience performance issues when searching for articles
  • C: The contents of the category drop-down menu change
  • D: The articles and questions visible to users' change
  • E: The history of article usage is reset to zero utilization

Question 8
How can an administrator ensure article managers use specified values for custom article fields?

  • A: Create a formula field on the article
  • B: Require a field on the page layout
  • C: Use field dependencies on article types
  • D: Create different article types for different requirements

Question 9
The sales team has requested that a new field called Current Customer be added to the Accounts object. The default value will be "No" and will change to "Yes" if any related opportunity is successfully closed as won.
What can an administrator do to meet this requirement?

  • A: Configure Current Customer as a roll-up summary field that will recalculate whenever an opportunity is won
  • B: Use an Apex trigger on the Account objects that sets the Current Customer field when an opportunity is won
  • C: Use a workflow rule on the Opportunity object that sets the Current Customer field when an opportunity is won
  • D: Configure Current Customer as a text field and use an approval process to recalculate its value

Question 10
Sales management wants a small subset of users with different profiles and roles to be able to view all data for compliance purposes.
How can an administrator meet this requirement?

  • A: Create a new profile and role for the subset of users with the View All Data permission
  • B: Create a permission set with the View All Data permission for the subset of users
  • C: Enable the View All Data permission for the roles of the subset of users
  • D: Assign delegated administration to the subset of users to View All Data


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