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Posted January 03, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A healthcare company wants to create a Community for its patients and providers. The Community needs to be optimized for healthcare use cases and follow industry best practices. 
What should the Community Cloud consultant consider first to meet the requirements?

  • A: Lightning Community templates
  • B: Custom solutions
  • C: Business Value Map and ROI
  • D: Lightning Bolt solutions

Question 2
Universal Containers wants its Community users to have the ability to log in using Facebook and Google. 
Which set of features should the Administrator use to achieve this goal?

  • A: Custom Lightning Component and Apex Class
  • B: Single Sign-on and AppExchange
  • C: Auth Provider and Flow
  • D: Auth Provider and Registration Handler

Question 3
A company uses CMS (Content Management System) to store and manage public content. The VP of Advertising wants to run marketing and advertising campaigns in the Community using that content. 
How should the Administrator render advertising content in the Community?

  • A: Download and install the Community Content package from the AppExchange.
  • B: Use Process Builder to import content from the CMS on a periodic basis.
  • C: Configure CMS Connect to pull content from the CMS.
  • D: Build a custom integration point between the CMS and the Community.

Question 4
Universal Containers is building a Customer Community. 
What can the Administrator add to the Navigation Menu?

  • A: Salesforce Objects, Topics, Community Pages, External URL, Forecast
  • B: Salesforce Objects, Community Pages, App Launcher, External URL
  • C: Salesforce Objects, Topics, External URL, Lightning Component, Community Pages
  • D: Salesforce Objects, Global Actions Community Pages, External URL

Question 5
Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a self-service Community. UC has a high volume of customers with complex hierarchies. The majority of UC customers have multiple Accounts and frequently add new Accounts. Universal Containers wants customers to be able to create new Accounts and Contacts on their own. 
Which two license types should UC's Salesforce Administrator recommend? (Choose two.)

  • A: Customer Community Login
  • B: Customer Community
  • C: Customer Community Plus Login
  • D: Customer Community Plus

Question 6
A coffee company sells products for coffee shops and consumers. The company is planning to launch a Community and has the following goals:
Go to market quickly. 
Generate online revenue rapidly. 
Work with a mobile-ready storefront. 
How should the Community Cloud consultant meet these goals?

  • A: Use Build Your Own Lightning Template.
  • B: Use B2B Commerce for Community Cloud.
  • C: Use a Visualforce Page Lightning Component.
  • D: Use custom Lightning Components.

Question 7
Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a Customer Community which will have thousands of Accounts with tens of thousands of Community users (Contacts). UC wants to ensure that all Customer Community licensed users are able to access the Assets tied to their Accounts. 
Which action should the Salesforce Administrator take when setting up Asset Sharing to ensure that Community users can see their Account's Assets?

  • A: Set up a Sharing Set that references the Account Id on the Asset.
  • B: Implement the role hierarchy on the Customer Community.
  • C: Use Apex Managed sharing to grant access to the Community users.
  • D: Create a Sharing Rule for each Account.

Question 8
A Salesforce ISV partner is creating a Lightning Bolt solution for a healthcare use case. 
What should the Community Cloud consultant use to distribute the Lightning Bolt solution?

  • A: Metadata API
  • B: Managed Package
  • C: Unmanaged Package
  • D: Change Set

Question 9
Universal Containers has created a new Lightning Community in the sandbox using the Partner Central template. The Partner Community is built using standard Lightning Components, custom Lightning Components, and object pages. 
What should the Administrator use to migrate changes from sandbox to production?

  • A: Change sets
  • B: IDE
  • C: Metadata API
  • D: Template export

Question 10
Universal Container's Community Manager wants to better measure the Community adoption and engagement. 
Which approach should the manager use?

  • A: Use Google Analytics to generate the adoption report.
  • B: Use Data Loader to download the user data to generate a pivot table in Excel.
  • C: Install the Salesforce Community Management AppExchange package.
  • D: Install the Wave dashboards for Communities.



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