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Exam RSA Archer Associate Exam
Number 050-6201-ARCHERASC01
File Name RSA Archer Associate Exam.testking.050-6201-ARCHERASC01.2019-05-01.1e.40q.vcex
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Posted May 01, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
If an application has 10 fields, and a data import file contains values for 12 fields, what will happen with the remaining 2 columns of data when a Data Import is performed?

  • A: New fields will automatically be created to accommodate the two remaining columns of data
  • B: The extra data will be imported into a text file that can later be attached to records in Archer
  • C: The remaining two columns of data are ignored and not imported into Archer
  • D: The data in the two extra fields are merged into a single field in Archer.

Question 2
Beyond federal organizations, Public Sector might be an appropriate solution for which of the following?

  • A: Only Federal organizations should implement Public Sector
  • B: Any organization complying with NIST SP 800-53
  • C: Any organization with vendors
  • D: Any organization complying with SOX

Question 3
On which page can an administrator enable an option that will allow end users to make their own personal dashboards?

  • A: Manage Security Parameters
  • B: Manage iViews
  • C: Manage Workspaces
  • D: Manage Dashboards

Question 4
If a group is associated with an access role and the group contains sub-groups, how will the associated access role affect the sub-groups

  • A: The sub-groups will be associated with the access role
  • B: The sub-groups will not be associated with the access role
  • C: The sub-groups will be inactivated
  • D: The sub-groups will be removed from the group

Question 5
If a History Log field is deleted from an application, what will happen to the data stored within that History Log field?

  • A: All data previously stored in that field is deleted
  • B: All data previously stored in that field is still maintained by the database
  • C: The user data stored within that field is saved, but all other data is deleted
  • D: Nothing; it is not possible to delete a History Log field once it has been populated within a single record

Question 6
When a new questionnaire is created, the administrator can pull questions stored in which of the following RSA Archer applications to be used in the questionnaire?

  • A: Authoritative Sources
  • B: Findings
  • C: Question Library
  • D: Manage Questionnaires

Question 7
Where can the statistical grouping settings in an advanced search be updated?

  • A: From the Advanced Search and Search Results pages
  • B: From the Search Results pages
  • C: From the Advanced Search page
  • D: Statistical grouping settings cannot be updated after initial creation

Question 8
A Business Owner that needs visibility into changes made to Archer records on a daily basis would best be served by:

  • A: a Subscription Notification sent as a monthly digest
  • B: a Subscription Notification sent as a daily digest
  • C: a Manual process where a user runs a report every 30 days and attaches it to an email
  • D: a Subscription Notification sent instantly as records are changed

Question 9
Which of the following Audit Management components would be used to group areas of the business identified for an annual audit?

  • A: Audit Assessments
  • B: Audit Plans
  • C: Audit Engagements
  • D: Audit Entities

Question 10
If an Archer user needs to send the content of an Archer record to a person who does not have an Archer user account, which of the following options is their best course of action?

  • A: Export the record to an output file (such as .pdf) and then attach that file to an email to send to the non-Archer user
  • B: Share the Archer user’s login information with the non-Archer user through encrypted Email
  • C: Send the non-Archer user the URL shown in the browser address bar when the Archer user has the report open
  • D: Use the Email icon to send the non-Archer user an email that contains the content of the record



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