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Exam PRINCE2 Foundation
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Demo Questions

Question 1

In what process is the authorization to deliver the project's products given?

  • A: Starting up a Project
  • B: Initiating a Project
  • C: Managing a Stage Boundary
  • D: Directing a Project
Question 2

Who should act as the communication channel between a project and corporate or programme management?

  • A: Project Board
  • B: Project Assurance
  • C: Project Manager
  • D: Project Support
Question 3

Which statement about the Directing a Project process is true?

  • A: Provides a mechanism for the Project Board to assure that there is continued business justification
  • B: Covers the day-to-day activities of the Project Manager
  • C: Ensures there are regular progress meetings
  • D: Begins on completion of the Initiating a Project process
Question 4

Which of the following statements about the Project Initiation Documentation are true? 
The Project Initiation Documentation is used to ensure that a sound basis exists before the Project Board authorizes a project. 
The Project Initiation Documentation should be updated at the end of each stage to reflect the current status of a project.

  • A: Only 1 is true
  • B: Only 2 is true
  • C: Both 1 and 2 are true
  • D: Neither 1 or 2 are true
Question 5

Which is an objective of the Initiating a Project process?

  • A: Develop the corporate quality management system as part of the Project Initiation Documentation
  • B: Prepare the plans for the subsequent stages
  • C: Summarize how the organization's project management method will be tailored for the project
  • D: Request authority from corporate management to deliver the project
Question 6

Which is NOT a purpose of the Initiating a Project process?

  • A: Enable a Project Board decision about the commitment of resources to a project
  • B: Enable an organization to understand the work that needs to be done to deliver a project's products before a project is approved
  • C: Establish solid foundations for a project
  • D: Enable the Project Board to decide whether it is worthwhile to initiate a project
Question 7

Which plan provides the Business Case with costs during the Initiating a Project process?

  • A: Initiation Stage Plan
  • B: Project Plan
  • C: Stage Plan
  • D: Team Plan
Question 8

Which is the base product against which the Project Board can assess progress, issues and ongoing viability questions?

  • A: Project Brief
  • B: Project Initiation Documentation
  • C: Project mandate
  • D: Benefits Review Plan
Question 9

Why is the Initiating a Project process used?

  • A: To decide which project approach is suitable for the project
  • B: To fully understand how the project objectives will be achieved before committing significant resources
  • C: To produce the required Work Packages
  • D: To enable corporate or programme management to give authorization to deliver a project
Question 10

Which is a purpose of the Initiating a Project process?

  • A: Decide if it is worthwhile to initiate a project
  • B: Decide on the project approach
  • C: Establish solid foundations for a project
  • D: Identify the number of Work Packages required