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Exam PRINCE2 Agile Foundation
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File Name PRINCE2 Agile Foundation.VCEPlus.PRINCE2-Agile-Foundation.2022-01-06.1e.48q.vcex
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Posted January 06, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Whose interests are specifically represented by thesenior supplier?  
Those ensuring the project is value for money.  
Those who will use the project’s products.  
Those who will be developing the project’s products.  
Those responsible for the project’s technical integrity.

  • A: 1 and 2
  • B: 2 and 3
  • C: 3 and 4
  • D: 1 and 4

Question 2
Which is a key objective of running a workshop?

  • A: To make daily progress visible to the delivery team and key stakeholders
  • B: To encourage collaboration and create the defined outputs from the event 
  • C: To communicate decisions to the wider stakeholder community
  • D: To make day-to-day decisions on behalf of the delivery team within a sprint

Question 3
Which statement about the waterfall methodology definitionis CORRECT?

  • A: It states that deadlines should not be moved
  • B: It has distinct goals for each stage of development
  • C: It is a behavior that involves making things transparent
  • D: It promotes the use of experiments carried out in a scientific way

Question 4
How should product-based planning be used as part ofPRINCE2 Agile?

  • A: To track progress against the team plan
  • B: To create the project plan using empiricism 
  • C: To enable team planning to be predictive
  • D: To plan by focusing on the features required

Question 5
Which statement about the ‘directing a project’ processis CORRECT?

  • A: The project board should attend regular project progress meetings
  • B: The project board should make decisions based on the Agilometer risks
  • C: A project board member should fulfill the product owner role within a delivery team
  • D: The project board should increase the stage-level time tolerance

Question 6
Which TWO are the purposes of ahighlight report?  
To describe the MoSCoW priority of user stories.   
To summarize the status of a work package.  
To summarize the stage status.  
To report any potential issues and risks

  • A: 1 and 2
  • B: 2 and 3
  • C: 3 and 4
  • D: 1 and 4

Question 7
To help with prioritization, what is MOST important when understanding the difference between scope and quality?

  • A: Combining functional and non-functional requirements
  • B: Creating non-functional requirements with user stories
  • C: Differentiating functional from non-functional requirements
  • D: Defining non-functional requirements before functional requirements

Question 8
Why is Lean Startup included in the ‘starting up a project’ process inPRINCE2 Agile?

  • A: Because it explains how a small company can grow using traditional technologies
  • B: Because it is designed to manage projects, delivering products in timeboxes
  • C: Because it enables agile to be used in challenging and uncertain situations
  • D: Because running a project and setting up a new business are the same

Question 9
Which process can take place during a releasereview workshop?

  • A: Controlling a stage
  • B: Managing product delivery
  • C: Managing a stage boundary
  • D: Directing a project

Question 10
Which BEST describes the senior user role when tailoring theorganization theme?

  • A: An ‘agile sponsor’
  • B: An ‘executive sponsor’
  • C: A ‘coach’
  • D: A ‘super product owner’


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