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Exam Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer
Number PCNSE
File Name Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer.PassLeader.PCNSE.v22-041.2022-06-19.1e.313q.vcex
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Posted June 19, 2022
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Demo Questions

Question 1
A wants to enable Application Override. Given the following screenshot:
Which two statements are true if Source and Destination traffic match the Application Override policy? (Choose two)


  • A: Traffic that matches "rtp-base" will bypass the App-ID and Content-ID engines.
  • B: Traffic will be forced to operate over UDP Port 16384.
  • C: Traffic utilizing UDP Port 16384 will now be identified as "rtp-base".
  • D: Traffic utilizing UDP Port 16384 will bypass the App-ID and Content-ID engines.

Question 2
Which three fields can be included in a pcap filter? (Choose three)

  • A: Egress interface
  • B: Source IP
  • C: Rule number
  • D: Destination IP
  • E: Ingress interface

Question 3
What are three possible verdicts that WildFire can provide for an analyzed sample? (Choose three)

  • A: Clean
  • B: Bengin
  • C: Adware
  • D: Suspicious
  • E: Grayware
  • F: Malware

Question 4
A logging infrastructure may need to handle more than 10,000 logs per second.
Which two options support a dedicated log collector function? (Choose two)

  • A: Panorama virtual appliance on ESX(i) only
  • B: M-500
  • C: M-100 with Panorama installed
  • D: M-100

Question 5
What are three valid method of user mapping? (Choose three)

  • A: Syslog
  • B: XML API
  • C: 802.1X
  • D: WildFire
  • E: Server Monitoring

Question 6
A network security engineer is asked to provide a report on bandwidth usage. Which tab in the ACC provides the information needed to create the report?

  • A: Blocked Activity
  • B: Bandwidth Activity
  • C: Threat Activity
  • D: Network Activity

Question 7
Which three options does the WF-500 appliance support for local analysis? (Choose three)

  • A: E-mail links
  • B: APK files
  • C: jar files
  • D: PNG files
  • E: Portable Executable (PE) files

Question 8
After pushing a security policy from Panorama to a PA-3020 firewall, the firewall administrator notices that traffic logs from the PA-3020 are not appearing in Panorama's traffic logs. What could be the problem?

  • A: A Server Profile has not been configured for logging to this Panorama device.
  • B: Panorama is not licensed to receive logs from this particular firewall.
  • C: The firewall is not licensed for logging to this Panorama device.
  • D: None of the firewall's policies have been assigned a Log Forwarding profile

Question 9
Which two statements are correct for the out-of-box configuration for Palo Alto Networks NGFWs? (Choose two)

  • A: The devices are pre-configured with a virtual wire pair out the first two interfaces.
  • B: The devices are licensed and ready for deployment.
  • C: The management interface has an IP address of and allows SSH and HTTPSconnections.
  • D: A default bidirectional rule is configured that allows Untrust zone traffic to go to the Trust zone.
  • E: The interfaces are pingable.

Question 10
What are three valid actions in a File Blocking Profile? (Choose three)

  • A: Forward
  • B: Block
  • C: Alret
  • D: Upload
  • E: Reset-both
  • F: Continue


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