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Exam Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
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File Name Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials.PremDumps.1Z0-983.2019-05-25.1e.75q.vcex
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which two statements are correct with regard to Data Management locations?

  • A: A company with three instances of Oracle EBS R12 should only use one location to maintain proper accounting controls.
  • B: Location security allows users to be provisioned in Shared Services for read or modify access to each location.
  • C: Locations can share dimension member mappings by specifying a location as a parent location of others.
  • D: The logic account group is required in order to effect running of calculations after the data load.
  • E: Locations must specify an import format, which may be used by other locations.
  • F: Data load rules can be shared across locations.

Question 2
When a Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS) application was created, no intercompany options were enabled.  
Which statement is true?

  • A: The FCCS_No Intercompany member of the ICP dimension will be used for all data.
  • B: Data can be stored by intercompany partner but no eliminations will occur.
  • C: An extra custom dimension will be available.
  • D: The ICP dimension will be omitted.

Question 3
Which three key requirements does the Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) deliver to ensure a modern consolidation and close solution?

  • A: Ensure security of sensitive data.
  • B: Integrate with source systems.
  • C: Provide predictive analysis and modeling.
  • D: Provide a strong compliance framework that includes auditing and segregation of duties. 

Question 4
Company 123 is a public company that reports in US Dollars. Company 123 owns Company XYZ, a European company that consolidates in Euro. One of Company XYZ's subsidiaries is Company IOU, headquartered in Switzerland with a functional currency of the Swiss Franc.  
Which process produces USD balances for Company IOU?

  • A: A translation to the USD_Reporting currency member for Company IOU
  • B: A translation of Company IOU
  • C: A consolidation of Company 123
  • D: A consolidation of Company XYZ
  • E: A translation of Company XYZ to Parent Currency

Question 5
What member of the Currency dimension is associated with the Entity Input member of the Consolidation dimension?

  • A: Base Currency
  • B: Parent Currency
  • C: Local Currency
  • D: Entity Currency

Question 6
Which statement is correct regarding intercompany eliminations?

  • A: Intercompany eliminations are generally required to remove the effect of transactions within the company.
  • B: Intercompany eliminations are required for sustainability reporting to show the company's waste output.
  • C: Intercompany eliminations are optional in FCCS and use one of the custom dimensions when enabled.
  • D: Intercompany eliminations are needed when a company divests itself of a division.

Question 7
Which dimension includes the FCCS_Global Assumption member that is used to store currency information?

  • A: Account
  • B: From Currency
  • C: Entity
  • D: Currency

Question 8
Which three fields must be defined when registering a file-based source system in Data Management?

  • A: Source Type
  • B: Drill URL
  • C: Cloud Type
  • D: Description
  • E: Name

Question 9
Which statement is false regarding establishing security for Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS)?

  • A: All members are accessible for dimensions with no security applied.
  • B: The Identity Domain Administrator inherits full access privileges.
  • C: Security is mandatory for one dimension.
  • D: Security can be assigned at a parent level.
  • E: Security can be disabled for any dimension.

Question 10
What is the Data Storage value for an account that must remain at a historical exchange rate and not retranslate with current rates?

  • A: Store
  • B: Never Share 
  • C: No Rate
  • D: Dynamic Calc and Store
  • E: Dynamic


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