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Exam Oracle Knowledge Management Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials
Number 1z0-980
File Name Oracle Knowledge Management Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials.Actualtests.1z0-980.2018-09-27.1e.33q.vcex
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Posted September 27, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
How can you access the Report Explorer? 

  • A: Home > Configuration > Report management > Report explorer
  • B: Home > Configuration > Report Explorer
  • C: Home > Analytics > Report Explorer
  • D: Home > Analytics > Report management > Report explorer
  • E: Home > Configuration > Report management

Question 2
How is unconditional linking different from conditional linking for a linked column in a report?

  • A: Unconditional linking always opens the same report or dashboard, whereas conditional linking can open different reports or dashboards depending on the value you drill down.
  • B: Unconditional linking can display summaries from a single table, whereas conditional linking can display summaries from several tables.
  • C: Unconditional linking can be used only to open other reports, whereas conditional linking can open reports or dashboards. 
  • D: Unconditional linking is based only on variables, whereas conditional linking is based on run-time selectable filters.

Question 3
Which two statements are true about published reports? (Choose two.)

  • A: Published reports contain snapshots of data at the time the report is run.
  • B: Published reports can be edited.
  • C: Published reports have filtering option in ribbon.
  • D: Published report data can change automatically when the knowledge base data is updated.
  • E: Published reports can be shared.

Question 4
How is access to a Knowledge Advanced article or external document controlled for web users on the Customer Portal?

  • A: Views
  • B: Profiles 
  • C: Console Roles
  • D: User groups

Question 5
Your customer wants to update the new office address in about 1000 answer articles. 
Your client has three interfaces for each of their lines of business that will all have different information. 
What will you recommend to the client to update all the relevant answers?

  • A: Create a standard text to include the new address and update all the answers to include it.
  • B: Call support and have them run a search and replace on the database.
  • C: Create a variable to contain the address and update all answers to include it.
  • D: Search for all answers that have the address and update.

Question 6
You notice that when a customer searches with the word “mobile”, there are irrelevant answers showing under “Answers Other Found Helpful” section. 
Which two steps should you take to resolve this? (Choose two.)

  • A: Add the word “mobile” to the answer stop word, add “mobile” to the search priority word, and then assign one answer.
  • B: Remove Related Answer Widget from the Customer Portal.
  • C: Remove irrelevant answers from manually related answers.
  • D: Delete irrelevant answers from sibling answers.
  • E: Block irrelevant answers from learned links.

Question 7
In Knowledge Advanced, which three tasks can be filtered? (Choose three.)

  • A: tasks related to specific content types only
  • B: tasks that are assigned
  • C: open tasks only
  • D: tasks for specific users 
  • E: tasks that are unassigned

Question 8
Your client wants to block all employees’ personal details and allow each employee’s direct manager to access only the blood group, medical details, emergency contact number for emergency usage. 
What kind of filter option should you use to allow a manager to generate an emergency details report? 

  • A: Runtime Selectable filter
  • B: Docked filter
  • C: Restricted Filter
  • D: Fixed filter
  • E: Standard Filter

Question 9
Which three pieces of information can be obtained from the Knowledge Advanced Analytics standard reports? (Choose three.)

  • A: Words without Concepts
  • B: Article Aging
  • C: Click-Though Rate of External Documents
  • D: Questions with High Score Answer
  • E: Search Accuracy

Question 10
You have created a new article in your knowledge base and you want it to always appear at the top of the search result page. 
What display position should you configure?

  • A: Place at First
  • B: Place at Top
  • C: Historical usefulness
  • D: Fixed at Top
  • E: Fix First


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