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Exam Oracle Sales Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You were asked to define an object trigger to extend the standard processing logic of the opportunity record creation. 
Identify two recommendations to prevent performance degradation. (Choose two.)

  • A: Do not exceed 10 triggers per object.
  • B: Use validation logic inside triggers whenever possible.
  • C: When querying objects programmatically within a Groovy trigger, select efficient view criteria to avoid limiting the underlying query.
  • D: Minimize the number of triggers on an object by combining logically-related fields inside a single trigger.
  • E: Always use newView() API inside triggers. The usage of newView() API will always kept your performance optimal.

Question 2
Which module maintains the industry hierarchy for territory definition?

  • A: Partner Management
  • B: Territory Management
  • C: Trading Management
  • D: Sales Quota Management

Question 3
Before your company upgrades the production environment, it must go through an UAT process in an upgraded test environment. Which three conditions must be met before the UAT can begin? (Choose three.)

  • A: Test cases targeted for execution have been executed
  • B: User sign-off has occurred
  • C: Sanity testing is complete
  • D: The production to test (P2T) content migration is complete
  • E: The test environment is stable and ready for testing
  • F: Defects are logged and prioritized

Question 4
After creating custom fields for opportunities, you are ready to import legacy data into the Fusion system. Which step is necessary before the opportunity data can be imported?

  • A: Navigate to the Application Composer. Click the Refresh button in the Custom Objects section.
  • B: Navigate to the Application Composer and click the Generate button in the Import and Export section.
  • C: Navigate to the task: Manage Import/Export For Custom Fields. Click the Synchronize button.
  • D: Navigate to the Application Composer. Select the Enable Import/Export check box for each custom field in the Import / Export section.
  • E: No special configuration steps are necessary before legacy opportunity data is imported into custom fields.

Question 5
You are importing users through File Based Loader. After import you realized that few of the users are not appearing in Oracle Identity Management. 
What is the first step you should do in order to fix this issue so that the remaining users appear in OIM?

  • A: Re-import the same import file for the remaining users.
  • B: Correct the employee work number if it has an extension.
  • C: Go to Manage Users and save the user record.
  • D: Manually create the remaining users that are missed out during the file based load.
  • E: Run the process – Send pending LDAP request

Question 6
OSC Party Export provides information about ____________________.

  • A: all Organizations and Contacts
  • B: all Organizations, Contacts, and Users
  • C: all users
  • D: all Organizations

Question 7
The marketing analyst launched two promotions and is analyzing the responses. The source codes of several treatments are identical. What happened?

  • A: This is normal behavior. Source codes are based on the Combination of campaign, stage instance, and audience.
  • B: This is normal behavior. Source codes are based on the combination of stage instance, audience and treatment.
  • C: Source codes are defined by the end user in the Manage Multistage Campaign task.
  • D: Source codes in the Review Marketing Source Codes task were customized.

Question 8
You have created recurring revenue schedules for your opportunity products to manage your subscription sales. 
Which four statements are correct with respect to recurring opportunities? (Choose four.)

  • A: Create recurring schedules to occur at the frequency of your choice (such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually) for product amounts and quantities.
  • B: You can’t adjust quantity or amounts for transactions in the schedule, or modify the schedule.
  • C: Enable additional sets of standard fields of configure pre-defined extension fields for recurring transactions.
  • D: Import or update recurring transactions using import or Web services.
  • E: Add one-time setup or installation fees.

Question 9
In the Desktop User Interface (Desktop UI), how would you configure the regional area of the Customer Center for all users?

  • A: Right-click within the Navigator panel to modify the regional UI.
  • B: Access an Account record and click the Manage Customer Tree action.
  • C: Use the Functional Setup Manager Task of Manage Customer Tree.
  • D: It is not possible to configure the Customer Tree for all users.

Question 10
Identify three mandatory items for creating a rule set in Oracle Sales Cloud. (Choose three.)

  • A: Name
  • B: Effective Start Date and Effective End Date
  • C: Work Object
  • D: Business Object
  • E: Candidate Object


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