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Exam Oracle Procurement Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials
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File Name Oracle Procurement Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials.Prep4sure.1z0-963.2018-12-01.1e.53q.vcex
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Posted December 01, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Your organization has multiple procurement business units. A Qualification manager wants to launch an initiative for assessment of suppliers. However, the manager is unable to select the qualification model that he or she defined earlier. 
Identify the cause for this behavior.

  • A: The Qualification manager is not defined as procurement agent.
  • B: The Qualification model is not yet approved.
  • C: The Qualification manager has not selected the correct procurement BU.
  • D: The Qualification manager does not have the “Manage Suppliers” action enabled in procurement agent definition.

Question 2
During Oracle Procurement Cloud implementation, all users have been assigned the seeded Employee role. This role inherits HCM-related links such as Benefits and Career. However, the customer does not want these links to appear in the navigator for the employees. You have, therefore, been asked to hide these links so that users do not see them in the navigator when they log in. 
Which configuration will you implement so that these links are not visible in the navigator?

  • A: ‘Manage Menu Customization’ in Functional Setup Manager
  • B: Select menus in Requisitioning business options
  • C: Select menus in Procurement Business options
  • D: Define user in Identity Manager
  • E: Modify roles in Authorization Policy Manager

Question 3
During the implementation, your customer wants to understand the key features of the two-stage Request For Quotation (RFQ) available in Oracle Sourcing Cloud. 
Identify three features of the two-stage RFQ. 

  • A: Technical and Commercial Evaluation
  • B: Open Auctions
  • C: Two stage Evaluation
  • D: Response Visibility Blind
  • E: Response Visibility Open
  • F: Response Visibility is always Sealed

Question 4
You have defined your negotiation style and named it ‘ABC negotiation style’. Subsequently, you try to add collaboration team members on a negotiation that is based on the ‘ABC negotiation style’ and find that the ‘Collaboration Team’ field is disabled. Identify the cause.

  • A: Cost factors are not set up for negotiations for participants, causing no collaboration to negotiate cost.
  • B: The ‘Collaboration Team’ checkbox is unchecked in the style.
  • C: The ‘Requirements and Instructions’ checkbox is unchecked in the style.
  • D: Online collaboration is visible only to the Requisition Preparer.

Question 5
While configuring offerings, you had deselected the “Supply Chain Financial Orchestration of Procurement Flows” check box and had locked the feature. However, because of changes in the business requirements, you are required to enable the feature. 
Identify the prerequisite step to perform this change.

  • A: Navigate to the “Select Feature Choices” page of the Procurement Offering and unlock the feature.
  • B: Deselect the “Enable for Implementation” check box of the Procurement Offering.
  • C: Set the implementation status to “In Progress” of the procurement Offering.
  • D: Change the Provisioned to “No” of the Procurement Offering.

Question 6
Which option would the application first look at to default the Location field in the Purchase Order Line?

  • A: Purchase Order Header
  • B: supplier site assignment record of the supplier site in the Requisitioning BU
  • C: BU assignment record of the source agreement that corresponds to the Requisitioning BU
  • D: “Requisitioning Business Function Configuration” task of the Requisitioning BU

Question 7
Your customer is implementing Oracle Procurement Cloud applications with multiple Requisition Business Units. Each Business Unit has employees who need the ability to create requisitions. The customer does not want all employees in the organization to be able to create requisitions using the self-service application; however, they should be able to search for information (for example, contact details) relating to other employees. 
To restrict certain employees from being able to create requisitions, identify the inherited role that must be removed from the seeded Employee role.

  • A: Procurement Administrator
  • B: Employee
  • C: Procurement Preparer
  • D: Contingent Worker
  • E: Procurement Requester

Question 8
Identify the setup that allows news and information of interest to be published to suppliers through the Oracle Supplier Portal Cloud.

  • A: configuring the “News Broadcast” field using the ‘Manage Supplier’ task
  • B: enabling feed from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on using ‘Manage Common Options for Purchasing’
  • C: setting up Specify Supplier News Content in the Functional Setup Manager.
  • D: enabling RSS feed from a customers’ corporate web portal

Question 9
In Self Service Procurement, a user is not able to search for one of the inventory items. Identify three configuration issues that could be causing this problem.

  • A: The particular item is not defined as a ‘Transactable’ item in PIM.
  • B: The particular item is defined as “BOM Enabled’ in PIM.
  • C: The particular item is not part of any Procurement catalog. 
  • D: The particular item has not been marked as a ‘Purchased’ item within the Purchasing operational attribute group.
  • E: The particular item does not belong to any Purchasing Category.

Question 10
On completion of a Negotiation Award using a negotiation template, you are trying to create a purchasing document and system provides you the option to create a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) only, whereas you expected to get an option to create a Contact Purchase Agreement (CPA). 
Identify the reason for this. 

  • A: The negotiation outcome is defined as ‘Blanket Purchase Agreement’ in the negotiation template.
  • B: The Business Function for the associated Business Unit is ‘Requisition Only’ and did not allow Purchase Agreement Generation.
  • C: The negotiation outcome is defined as ‘Contract Purchase Agreement’ in the negotiation template.
  • D: The Profile Option PO_PRC_AGENT_CATEGORY_ASSIGNMENT is set to the current user.



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