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Exam Oracle Financials Cloud: General Ledger 2017 Implementation Essentials
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Demo Questions

Question 1

Your company wants to change the Cumulative Translation Adjustment (CTA) account to record gains/losses from varying currency rates. 
What steps must you perform to achieve this objective without causing data corruption?

  • A: Purge all translated balances, change the CTA account in the Ledger page, and rerun Translation for all periods required.
  • B: Open the Ledgers page and update the CTA account and then rerun Translation for all periods required. The system will automatically update the translated balances.
  • C: Query the Translation journals and delete all of them, then change the CTA account in the Ledger page, and rerun Translation for all periods required.
  • D: Define a new ledger and accounting configuration. The CTA account cannot be updated after the ledger has been in use.
Question 2

Which two are prerequisites for creating subledger accounting entries?

  • A: Completing accounting transformation definition and activating Subledger Journal Entry Rule Set assignments for the Accounting Method
  • B: Populating supporting reference information in reference objects
  • C: Selecting source values from transaction objects
  • D: Creating subledger accounting events
  • E: Completing preaccounting validation
Question 3

Who are the three primary Functional Setup Manager users?

  • A: End Users that perform transaction processing
  • B: Implementation Project Managers and Consultants
  • C: System Administrators
  • D: Application Developers
  • E: C-Level Executives
Question 4

You want to automatically post journal batches imported from subledger source to prevent accidental edits of deletions of the subledger sources journals, which could cause an out-of-balance situation between your sub ledgers and general ledger. 
Which two aspects should you consider when defining your AutoPost Criteria?

  • A: Use the All option for category and accounting period to reduce maintenance and ensure that all imported journals are included in the posting process.
  • B: Include all of your sub ledger sources in the AutoPost Criteria. Divide up criteria sets by subledger source only if you need to schedule different posting times.
  • C: Create your AutoPost criteria using minimal source and categories.
  • D: Schedule your AutoPost Criteria set to run during off-peak hours only
Question 5

Your customer is reconciling their Intercompany Receivables accounts. 
Which two reports should they use in addition to using the intercompany Reconciliation report?

  • A: Receivables Aging by General Ledger Account report
  • B: General Ledger Trial Balance report
  • C: Receivables to General Ledger Reconciliation report
  • D: AR Aging report
Question 6

Which statement is true when creating an Implementation Project for Financials Cloud?

  • A: The Implementation Project is preconfigured and cannot be deleted or changed.
  • B: Plan your implementation project carefully because you cannot delete it or make changes later.
  • C: You must select the Offering "Financials," and each individual product or option to perform the setup for each product in Financials Cloud.
  • D: Selecting the Offering "Financials," automatically allows you to perform the setup for all Financials Cloud products.
  • E: You only need to make the project name unique, then you can perform the setup for any product family, such as Financials, Procurement, Human Capital Management and Supply Cham Management.
Question 7

You are implementing Segment Value Security rules. Which two statements are true?

  • A: You can use hierarchies to define rules.
  • B: The Segment Value Security rules do not take effect until you assign the rules to users and products.
  • C: When you enable Segment Value Security on a segment, users will not be able to access any values until you grant access to users and products.
  • D: When you enable or disable Segment Value Security, you do not need to redeploy your chart of accounts.
Question 8

You want to process multiple allocations at the same time. What feature do you use?

  • A: RuleSets
  • B: Point of View (POV)
  • C: Formulas
  • D: General Ledger Journal entries
Question 9

While troubleshooting the encumbrance entries created for the requisition for your business unit, you noticed that only a few events are triggering the encumbrance journals when you submit he create accounting program. 
What are the two events?

  • A: Funds check
  • B: Requisition approved
  • C: Requisition rejected by the buyer
  • D: Submit the requisition for approval
  • E: Checkout and Save the requisition
  • F: Create change request on the requisition after submitting requisition for approval
Question 10

You want to display OTBI reports and graphs in PowerPoint to show general ledger or subledger data. 
How do you accomplish this?

  • A: Download OTBI reports and charts to a spreadsheet and then copy and paste the spreadsheet to PowerPoint
  • B: Use SmartView to create reports and charts using general ledger and subledger subject areas embed the charts/reports into PowerPoint
  • C: Use Smart View and Oracle BI EE View Designer to create reports in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.
  • D: Use Account Inspector and then export to Excel and copy and paste into PowerPoint.