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Exam Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2018 Associate
Number 1z0-936
File Name Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2018 Associate.PracticeTest.1z0-936.2018-09-17.1e.38q.vcex
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Posted September 17, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the following cannot be done with Data Visualization to shape stories?

  • A: Visual canvases can be resized and the Auto Fit setting can be disabled.
  • B: Enhance narrative transition by rearranging and/or hiding Insight canvases.
  • C: Create filters to focus upon pertinent data points.
  • D: Multiple projects can be combined into one project by clicking on the Share icon in the Narrate menu bar.

Question 2
A customer wants to build a Block Storage (BSO) cube which has 8 standard dimensions and 2 attribute dimensions. 
How many dimension worksheets will the application workbook have?

  • A: 10 dimension worksheets
  • B: 12 dimension worksheets
  • C: 8 dimension worksheets
  • D: 9 dimension worksheets
  • E: 1 dimension worksheet

Question 3
The data loads for your Essbase cube are taking many hours, due to which the cube is unavailable to the user for extended periods every day. You are assigned the task of optimizing the data load process. 
Which are four optimization steps? (Choose four.)

  • A: making the data source as small as possible by eliminating redundancy
  • B: grouping the data source by sparse-dimension member combination
  • C: positioning data in reverse order as the outline
  • D: switching from multiple data fields to a single data field
  • E: loading from the Essbase server
  • F: using Parallel load

Question 4
Which two statements are true about a segment as defined in the Oracle Analytics Cloud machine learning functionality? (Choose two.)

  • A: It is a component of the output from the Explain functionality.
  • B: It is a component of a data flow sequence.
  • C: It is the resulting data set after applying a filter in a data flow.
  • D: It is a statistically determined group of data points that may contribute to predicting the value of an attribute of interest.

Question 5
Select two correct editions of Oracle Analytics Cloud. (Choose two.)

  • A: Big Data Edition
  • B: SaaS Edition
  • C: Data Lake Edition
  • D: BI Cloud Service Edition
  • E: Standard Edition

Question 6
A client is using Weblogic Embedded LDAP server for identity management. When creating the Oracle Analytics Cloud service, credentials must be provided for the Oracle Analytics Cloud administrator. Which of the following is a valid password?

  • A: 11-password_my
  • B: my-(password11$)
  • C: my-(password11#)
  • D: my_password$11

Question 7
When you create a service, a diagnostics ZIP file is uploaded to your cloud storage location. Where can you find this file if your issue requires further diagnosis?

  • A: Go to your cloud storage and locate the service_provisioning_failure logs folder.
  • B: Go to your cloud storage and locate the service_failure logs folder.
  • C: Go to your cloud storage and locate the service_provisioning logs folder.
  • D: Go to your cloud storage and locate the provisioning_failure logs folder.

Question 8
You have added new columns to the source table. What should you do to include the new columns in your data model?

  • A: Update Data Model
  • B: Add Columns from Database
  • C: Synchronize with Database
  • D: Connect to Tables

Question 9
You want to create an Essbase cube using a MaxL script. This is the content of the Maxl script:


You saved the script file locally as CubeBuild.mxl, uploaded it to the cloud service, and executed a “MaxL script” job type. The job failed. What is the problem?

  • A: Only one MaxL statement per script is allowed.
  • B: It is an invalid script file. A script file must be saved with a .msh extension.
  • C: It is an invalid MaxL statement. “Create or replace database” is not supported.
  • D: MaxL scripts are not supported.
  • E: It is an invalid job type.

Question 10
How should you use a machine learning model within a canvas of an Oracle Analytics Cloud project?

  • A: Create a custom calculation.
  • B: Create a scenario using the required model.
  • C: Use the machine learning model visualization.
  • D: Create a data sequence.


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