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Exam Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration
Number 1z0-822
File Name Oracle.selftestengine.1z0-822.2018-05-25.1e.84q.vcex
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Posted May 25, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Your colleague is administering the company’s Automated Install server and is using a custom manifest. You now plan to replace the default AI manifest with the custom manifest. 
Which installadm subcommand must you use to replace the default AI manifest?

  • A: update-service
  • B: update-manifest
  • C: set-service
  • D: create-manifest
  • E: create-service
  • F: set-manifest

Question 2
You are using AI to install a now operating system. You add the following information to the AI manifest:
<configuration type=“zone” name=“dbzone source=“”/>
Which statement is true regarding the zone.cfg file?

  • A: It is a text file in a zonecfg configuration format.
  • B: It is an AI manifest that specifies how the zone is to be installed.
  • C: It is an XML file in a form suitable for use as a command script file for the zonecfg command.
  • D: It is an profile with keywords that are specific for configuring a zone as part of the installation
  • E: It is an XML file that specifies the zonename, zonepath, and other zonecfg parameters.

Question 3
You are the administrator of on Oracle Solaris 11 AI server. 
You added a client. Then you created a custom manifest, custom criteria, and a custom profile for the client. 
You made an error in the package path within the custom manifest. 
When will the error appear?

  • A: when the manifest is checked during client preinstall
  • B: when the manifest is used during client install
  • C: when the manifest is updated on the AI server
  • D: when the manifest is added to the AI server

Question 4
You plan to use the Automated Installer (AI) to install a nonglobal zone named zone1. You created custom manifest for the nonglobal zone and named it zone1manifest. 
Which command must you use to add this custom manifest to the s11-sparc install service and associate this custom manifest with the nonglobal zone?

  • A: installadm create-profile –n s11-sparc –f /term/zone1manifest.xml –c zonename=“zone1”
  • B: installadm create-manifest –n s11-sparc –f /term/zone1manifest.xml –m zone1manifest –c zonename=“zone1”
  • C: installadm create-client –n s11-sparc –f /term/zone1manifest.xml –m zone1manifest –c zonename=“zone1”
  • D: installadm create-server –n s11-sparc –f /term/zone1manifest.xml –m zone1manifest –c zonename=“zone1”

Question 5
You are using the distribution constructor to build a custom text installer. You copied and modified the default test installer XML file and issued the following command to build image:
# /usr/bin/distro_const build –v /usr/share/distro_const/new-dc_ai_x86.xml 
How will the checkpoints in the distribution constructor be used by this command?

  • A: The distribution constructor will create a snapshot of the data directory at a checkpoint and report errors the log file until completed.
  • B: The distribution constructor will stop at each checkpoint until you issue a distro_const restart command.
  • C: The distribution constructor will not use checkpoints without the correct CLI option added to the command.
  • D: The distribution constructor will stop at a checkpoint only if an error is encountered during the image build.

Question 6
Your company's security policy prohibits access to the Internet. You already installed an instance of Oracle Solaris 11 on an M-series server for base testing. You used the text install media to install the system. You also installed a package repository on the same system. 
There are 10 M-series servers that have just been installed on the local network. 
Can you immediately install an AI server on your testing machine order to install Oracle Solaris 11 on these 10 servers?

  • A: Yes, by using the existing Solaris 10 Jumpstart server.
  • B: Yes, by using the text install media for the AI software.
  • C: Yes, by using the Installed package repository.
  • D: No, you must download the AI .iso image from Oracle first.
  • E: No, the Solaris large-server group must be installed because it contains the AI setup tools.
  • F: No, the Solaris 11 full n repository must be installed on the AI server.
  • G: No, you must have a prebuilt image that was created by the distribution constructor.

Question 7
You have set resource controls on a project. Now you want to set up syslog to monitor a particular resource control and log a message whenever the resource control is exceeded. 
Which option would you choose to activate logging on the global resource control facility to establish a syslog action on a resource control?

  • A: Use the rctladm command to enable the global syslog attribute of a resource control.
  • B: Use the prctl command to enable the global syslog attribute of resource control.
  • C: Use the ipcs command to enable the global syslog attribute of a resource control.
  • D: Use the setrctl command to enable the global syslog attribute of a resource control.
  • E: By default, global logging of resource control violations is already enabled. Make an entry in the syslog.conf file and refresh the system-log service.

Question 8
Consider the following command:
zonestat –q –r physical-memory –R high –z dbzone –p –P “zones” 10 24h 60m 
What data will this command report?

  • A: The dbzone’s physical memory usage every hour for a day, displaying the 10 higher usage intervals for each hour.
  • B: All the dbzone’s resource usage, excluding physical memory, 10 times an hour for a day.
  • C: The dbzone’s CPU, virtual memory, and networking utilization every hour for a day, displaying top 10 usage intervals.
  • D: The dbzone’s memory and CPU utilization every 10 seconds for a day, displaying peak usage each hour.
  • E: The dbzone’s physical memory usage every 10 seconds for a day. displaying peak usage each hour.

Question 9
Consider the following command and output:
user$  newtask –v –p  canada 
Identify the output.

  • A: the task ID for the project canada
  • B: the project ID for the project canada
  • C: the task ID for the shell
  • D: the task ID for all jobs already running in the shell

Question 10
Which vmstat field output indicates the effort the system is making to find memory for future processes?

  • A: re
  • B: sr
  • C: free
  • D: fr


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