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Vendor: Oracle
Exam Code: 1z0-750
Exam Name: Oracle Application Express 18-Developing Web Applications
Date: May 04, 2020
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which three item types support defining a list of values? (Choose three.)
  1. Color Picker
  2. List Manager
  3. File Browse
  4. Text Field with autocomplete
  5. Shuttle
  6. Switch
Correct answer: ABD
Question 2
Michael has developed an app for tracking product defects. His navigation menu lists each product. He has defined application items and computations to hold the number of defects for each product. For example, for Hedgers, he has defined the application item HEDGER_DEFECTS.
How can Michael add the number of open defects in the navigation menu entries?
  1. Update the Navigation Menu template to be Include Count.
  2. Update Template Options and set Display Count to True.
  3. Update the List Entry Label for Hedgers to Hedgers &HEDGER_DEFECTS., and similarly for other products.
  4. Add &HEDGER_DEFECTS. to User Defined Attribute 01 in the navigation menu for Hedgers, and similarly for other products.
Correct answer: C
Question 3
Which three actions can be performed by a workspace administrator? (Choose three.)
  1. Add space to a schema
  2. View usage reports for a workspace
  3. Manage user accounts
  4. Monitor workspace activity
  5. Manage workspace to schema assignments
  6. Approve workspace requests
Correct answer: CDF
Question 4
John is evaluating an old APEX application that has over 20 tabular forms. He wants to update the application and replace all of the tabular forms with interactive grids.
What is the fastest way for John to replace the old reports?
  1. Go to each page with a tabular form, copy the SQL Source from the Tabular Form region, and use it to create a new interactive grid.
  2. Use the Create Page Wizard to create new pages with interactive grids, and then delete the old pages with tabular forms.
  3. Use the Upgrade Application utility and select the candidate objects listed for "Upgrade Tabular Form to Interactive Grid", select all, and then click Upgrade.
  4. Go to each report and change the type from Tabular Form to Interactive Grid.
Correct answer: D
Question 5
Jenny has a form page based on ORDER_ITEMS. For certain product types, she needs to redirect to a modal dialog page to ask for additional information, before validating or processing the record on page submission.
Which processing point should Jenny select for the branch?
  1. Before Computations
  2. After Processing
  3. After Submit
  4. Processing
Correct answer: B
Question 6
Which two are true about an "editable" interactive grid? (Choose two.)
  1. All columns can be updated
  2. You can insert multiple records at a time
  3. You can define a computation
  4. You can update only one record at a time
  5. You can include dynamic actions on a column
Correct answer: DE
Question 7
Sunny has developed a report and form on CUSTOMERS, which is open to partners. The report displays only customers associated with partners, based on their user credentials. Partners can click an Edit button to go to a form page to update their customers. Sunny is concerned that IT savvy users will be able to alter the URL to be able to see and update records from other partners.
What must Sunny do to protect the form page from URL tampering?
  1. Update Page Access Protection to Arguments Must Have Checksum
  2. Set Authentication to Administration Rights
  3. Set Rejoin Sessions to Disabled 
  4. Set Deep Linking to Disabled
  5. Update Page Access Protection to No URL Access
Correct answer: E
Question 8
Which four tasks can you perform using the Shared Components section in Application Builder? (Choose four.)
  1. Edit the No Data Found messages for multiple report regions in the application
  2. Manage translatable text messages for the application
  3. Review debug messages generated by the application
  4. Change the application alias
  5. Manage application upgrade scripts
  6. Change navigational components of the application
  7. Add different application roles and configure their role assignment
  8. Delete multiple application pages
Correct answer: ABDG
Question 9
Brian created a page with multiple regions. He now wants to include a list of links to selectively display each region.
How can Brian achieve this?
  1. Create a region of type Region Display Selector, and ensure that each region has Region Display Selector set to "Yes".
  2. Create a parent region called REGIONS. For each region, update the Parent Region attribute to REGIONS. 
  3. Create a list in Shared Components containing each region. Create a region of type List and associated the list created.
  4. Define static IDs for each region. Create a region called REGIONS of type Static Content with named anchors to other regions.
Correct answer: A
Question 10
Kim has defined a validation of "Item is NOT zero" on P5_SAL. When she runs the page, the error is displayed in the notification, but does not highlight the item or display the error below the item. Kim changes Display Location to "Inline with Field and Notification". However, the validation error still does not display under the item.
What must Kim do to ensure that the validation error appears correctly under the item and also in the notification?
  1. Add JavaScript to the item to display on error
  2. Set Display Location to "Inline with Field"
  3. Set Value Required to Yes on P5_SAL
  4. Set Validation Associated Item to P5_SAL
Correct answer: B

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