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Exam PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.5x Implementation Essentials
Number 1z0-632
File Name PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8-5x Implementation Essentials.PracticeTest.1z0-632.2019-09-18.1e.38q.vcex
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Posted September 18, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Select the record definition that is configured correctly.

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:

Question 2
Review the following definition:


Select the correct PeopleCode statement to declare an object of the ErrorRow class. 

  • A: Component OCP:OCPUtilities: ErrorRow &NewObject
  • B: Component &NewObject extends ErrorRow;
  • C: Row OCP:OCPUtilities:ErrorRow &NewObject;
  • D: &NewObject = create OCP:OCPUtilities:ErrorRow();
  • E: &NewObject = Get (OCP:OCPUtilities:ErrorRow);
  • F: Component OCP.OCPUtilities.ErrorRow &NewObject

Question 3
An end user saves the data after making a change to their personal address, and the system updates the table for that page. In this case, that personal address information is also stored in a table used to generate reports. Upon saving the address, the system also updates the equivalent information stored in the reporting table. 
What form of maintaining referential integrity has been implemented in this scenario?

  • A: Parent-child relationship 
  • B: Occurs level
  • C: Prompt table edit
  • D: PeopleCode running a SQLExec statement
  • E: Expert entry

Question 4
When you are modifying, customizing, or configuring PeopleSoft application definitions using Application Designer, which two statements are true regarding the impact on other application elements? (Choose two.)

  • A: Running an alter table process in Application Designer is required only during major upgrades, not after small changes to a single record definition
  • B: PeopleTools provides utilities to help you determine relationships between application definitions, such as PeopleTools cross-reference reports and the Find Definition References option
  • C: If you modify field definition properties or record definition properties, the PeopleTools system insanity and automatically synchronizes the definition changes with the underlying SQL database table
  • D: Changing a single field property, such as the field name or type, typically has no effect on other definitions such as records or pages
  • E: If you alter a table, you must rebuild any views that reference the altered table

Question 5
Select two true statements about translate values. (Select two.)

  • A: You can assign translate values to any character field that is four characters long or less
  • B: The default label for a page field is the translate long name
  • C: You can inactivate any translate value by changing the value of the effective status field to “I”
  • D: You must maintain translate values through Application Designer 
  • E: You must enter a translate short name

Question 6
You click a value on the search page and get a SQL error as shown in this exhibit. 


What should you do to troubleshoot this issue and fix it?

  • A: Check the page definition, make the necessary changes, and save the page
  • B: Check the Use tab of the Component Properties dialog box, verify the search record, make the necessary changes, and save the component
  • C: Check if the record definition was modified by another developer and perform an alter table
  • D: Check the record key structure, make the necessary changes, save the record, and then perform a create indexes
  • E: Check the record key, alternate search key, and list box settings of the search record, and save the record 

Question 7
Select three changes to a record definition that require you to rebuild the SQL table. 
(Choose three.)

  • A: You change an ascending key to a descending key
  • B: You deselect the Alternate Search Key check box
  • C: You change the length of a non-key field
  • D: You deselect the Search Key check box (only) for a field
  • E: You change the label of a key field

Question 8
Assume that you open a PeopleSoft application record definition using Application Designer. Which two of the following statements are false? (Choose two.)

  • A: In Application Designer, with a record definition open, you can insert additional fields
  • B: Any changes made to the record definition in Application Designer are stored in a PeopleTools table as application metadata
  • C: In Application Designer, with a record definition open, you can view transactional application data, such as inventory items provided by a vendor
  • D: In Application Designer, with a record definition open, you can add or update transactional application data, such as adding a new inventory item
  • E: In Application Designer, with a record definition open, you can modify the key structure of the record definition
  • F: In Application Designer, with a record definition open, you can set a record field to be a required field for which an end user must specify a value when adding a new row of transactional data

Question 9
When testing a fluid page, one of your colleagues says that the page suddenly is not rendering as expected. He believes he may have accidentally deleted a group box on the page. Using the developer tools of your browser, you inspect the HTML elements. 
Which vital structural element of a fluid page must still exist in order for the page to render properly?

  • A: <div class=”ps_anchor” .</div>
  • B: <div class=”ps_main” .</div>
  • C: <div class=”ps_box-pagetabs” .</div>
  • D: <div class=”ps_pspagecontainer_srch”  .</div>
  • E: <div class=”ps_box-group psc_layout psc_apps_content” .</div>

Question 10
The following PeopleCode program compares two editable fields on a component. 


On which event or events should the program be placed? 

  • A: FieldEdit and RowInit
  • B: SaveEdit and SavePreChange
  • C: SaveEdit
  • D: FieldChange and SavePreChange
  • E: SaveEdit and RowInit
  • F: FieldEdit


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