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Exam Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Essentials
Number 1z0-599
File Name Oracle.CertDumps.1z0-599.2017-12-10.1e.91q.vcex
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Posted December 10, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
You deploy more than one application to the same WebLogic container. The security is set on JavaEE level and all deployed JavaEE applications use the same security roles. 
What is your recommendation for architecture with those requirements?

  • A: Combine all applications into a single one.
  • B: Define global roles on the WebLogic Domain level.
  • C: Use Ms Active Directory to keep the roles there.
  • D: Use Oracle Identity and Access Management solution to simplify the management.
  • E: Keep role mapping in the external WebLogic Role Mapped developed for that solution.

Question 2
When your WebLogic Server solution needs to be scaled out with additional capacity and you don’t want to add additional hardware, which three techniques should you us?

  • A: Assign more than one managed server to a physical hardware that allows better CPU utilization.
  • B: Assign more than one application to one managed server to better utilize threads within a single JVM process.
  • C: Assign the same application to more than one managed server to load balance requests between servers.
  • D: Assign the same heap size to the managed server across the cluster for easier control of memory footprint
  • E: Create a virtualized environment with hypervisor for an easier solution

Question 3
A highly available WebLogic cluster in UNIX is configured for automatic server migration. Node Managed is configured on both machines to start managed servers. 
How should you simulate a managed server failure to test whether automatic server migration is working?

  • A: Shut down the managed server from the WebLogic console.
  • B: Shut down the managed server using the WLST command through Node Manager.
  • C: Run "kill -9" once to kill the managed server process.
  • D: Run "kill -9" to kill the managed server process, and run "kill -9" one more time if the managed server is restarting.

Question 4
A customer claims that while redeploying a web application in the production system all their customers have to log in again. What do you recommend?

  • A: Sessions can't be preserved when redeploying applications. The customer needs to consider redeployment during late nights when the traffic is low.
  • B: Change the flag responsible for the development mode of their environment. In the production mode, all sessions are preserved while redeploying application.
  • C: Change Hotspot to JRockit. Sessions can't be preserved on HotSpot when redeploying application.
  • D: Use flag -version when redeploying the application. This will switch on the Side By Side deployment feature and preserve existing sessions.
  • E: Open a service request with Oracle Support. This is unexpected behavior. Sessions are preserved without any extra settings.

Question 5
A common approach to solve application performance issues is to add more hardware. Which two reasons describe why this alone does not always solve performance problems?

  • A: There may be a bottleneck in the application that additional hardware would not solve.
  • B: Adding more hardware is costly and time consuming.
  • C: Adding hardware at the application layer may place additional load on an already overloaded database, network appliance, or storage system.
  • D: Adding more hardware may introduce new configuration requirements that need to be tested.

Question 6
A customer has a critical, performance-sensitive web application that connects to a multinode Oracle RAC database. 
Which feature of WebLogic can provide significant performance benefit?

  • A: The Web Session Affinity feature of Active GridLink for RAC
  • B: WebLogic Clustering
  • C: The Transaction Affinity feature of Active GridLink for RAC
  • D: Coherence*Web Session Replication

Question 7
A customer needs to implement a Highly Available solution for JMS that has a primary data center and a backup. Which three steps would you perform when designing your solution?

  • A: Store Transaction Logs in a database and use Database stores for JMS to make replication between sites easier.
  • B: Use file based Transaction Logs and JMS stores and implement a separate replication solution for files in addition to database in case database replication fails.
  • C: Implement Oracle RAC at each site to provide a highly available solution within each datacenter.
  • D: Configure Whole Server Migration to migrate WebLogic Managed Servers from the primary to the secondary site.
  • E: Configure Automatic Service Migration for JMS high availability within a datacenter.

Question 8
Which WebLogic optimization allows one non-XA resource to participate in a distributed transaction?

  • A: enabling Pinned to Thread
  • B: enabling Logging Last Resource
  • C: increasing the Statement cache size
  • D: setting the statement cache type to LRU
  • E: setting the initial and maximum capacity to the same number

Question 9
A customer has a Stock Watch application that publishes stock recommendations to different customers and programs. The stock recommendation message should be processed by only one of the JMS Servers in the cluster. Which JMS model should be used?

  • A: JMS Queue
  • B: Distributed JMS Queue
  • C: Uniform Distributed Topic
  • D: Partitioned Distributed  Topic

Question 10
A customer has a critical, performance-sensitive web application that connects to a multimode Oracle RAC database. Which feature of WebLogic can provide signification benefit?

  • A: The Web Session Affinity feature of Active GridLink for RAC.
  • B: WebLogic Clustering
  • C: The Transaction Affinity feature of Active GridLink for RAC
  • D: Coherence*Web Session Replication



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