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Exam SPARC T4-Based Server Installation Essentials
Number 1z0-597
File Name SPARC T4-Based Server Installation Essentials.PracticeTest.1Z0-597.2017-01-12.1e.41q.vcex
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Posted January 12, 2017
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Demo Questions

Question 1
To disable ILOM CLI session time-out, which command should be used?

  • A: Set /SP/cli timeout = n
  • B: Set /SP/cli timeout = disable
  • C: Set /SP/cli timeout = 0
  • D: Set /SP/cli timeout = 1000

Question 2
Which three are included for each test in the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) Test procedure Plan?

  • A: The test objective
  • B: The test method
  • C: The expected outcome of the test
  • D: Troubleshooting for each failed test

Question 3
When replacing the motherboard, how do you preserve the server’s original host ID and MAC address?

  • A: Move the System Configuration PROM from the old motherboard to the new motherboard.
  • B: Back up the service processor configuration details from the old system, and restore on the new system.
  • C: Move the service processor card from the old system to the new system.
  • D: For security, it not possible to preserve the server’s host ID and MAC address.

Question 4
Based on the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS), why should Oracle Explorer Data Collector be run with the “-i” switch after initial system power-on and setup are complete?

  • A: To remove confidential customer IP addresses from the Explorer output
  • B: To provide a baseline of the initial system configuration
  • C: To collect local Intelligent Platform management Interface (IPMI) data
  • D: To collect remote Oracle ILOM snapshot data

Question 5
What package should be installed if you wish to harden the control domain on a SPARC T4 server running Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.1?

  • A: SUNWldm
  • B: SUNWdmp2v
  • C: SUNWsst
  • D: SUNWjass

Question 6
According to the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS), what is the recommended minimum number of virtual CPUs that should be allocated to the control domain?

  • A: 2 CPUs
  • B: 4 CPUs
  • C: 6 CPUs
  • D: 8 CPUs

Question 7
What is main objective of having Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS)?

  • A: To create a framework for tracking improperly installed systems
  • B: To produce consistent, high quality installations
  • C: To produce systems optimized for Oracle software deployments
  • D: To create a framework for tracking properly installed systems

Question 8
How many XAUI (10 GbE Attachment Unit Interfaces) ports are provided per SPARC T4 processor?

  • A: 1
  • B: 2
  • C: 3
  • D: 4

Question 9
Identify two specification of the Enterprise Installation Standard (EIS) for Basic Solaris.

  • A: It defines the process for downloading Solaris and related patches from the Oracle support web site
  • B: It requires the Installer to use the appropriate his Installation checklists when Installing Solaris
  • C: It mandates that Installers use the EIS-DVD during the Installation process
  • D: It provide the guidelines and patch levels for Installing Solaris 8, 9, 10, or 11

Question 10
Which two statements are true regarding the Stream processing Unit (SPU) on the SPARC T4 processor?

  • A: The SPU is implemented within each processor core.
  • B: The SPU is shared across all cores on the processor.
  • C: The SPU operates at the same clock speed as the core.
  • D: The SPU archives wire-speed performance for encryption only.


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