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Exam Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Essentials
Number 1Z0-588
File Name Oracle.PracticeTest.1Z0-588.2018-02-13.1e.72q.vcex
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Posted February 13, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What are the three outcomes after running the action script?

  • A: Nothing changes in DRM, because the action script will fail to import due to formatting issues.
  • B: A hierarchy called "Product" will be created in the Reorganization version in DRM.
  • C: The top node in the hierarchy is All Products.
  • D: Products 100, 200, 300, and 400 are first created under the incorrect parent but are subsequently moved in the action script.
  • E: The two lines with the "Move" command will fail, because a value is missing from the last column for those lines.
  • F: Products 100-10, 100-20, 100-30, 200-10, 200-20, 200-40, 400-10, and 400-30 are some of the leaf nodes in the hierarchy.

Question 2
Your operations group is in the middle of a large re-organization of the Entity dimension. You create versions at the end of each closed month on the fifth work day. Business users have access to update the Entity hierarchy within the working version to add new cost centers and move cost centers beginning on the seventh business day. Your CFO is reguesting the complete chart of accounts hierarchy as of the 15th day of the month. How can you deliver the CFO's request assuming the "AllowAsOf system preference has been set to True?

  • A: Use the Copy feature for versions and enter the "As Of" date.
  • B: Use the "As Of" feature and enter the "As Of" date.
  • C: Use the Copy feature and then use the transaction history to back out changes made since the desired date.
  • D: Rebuild the hierarchy from a backup.
  • E: Use the Copy feature for the hierarchy and enter the "As Of" date.

Question 3
What two DRM features allow you to group hierarchies used for data mappings for easier selection and browsing?

  • A: Version
  • B: Property category
  • C: Hierarchy group
  • D: Node type
  • E: Hierarchy master

Question 4
Identify the three true statements about using the "Asc" property types.

  • A: They are used to sort hierarchies in ascending order.
  • B: They are used to help maintain one-to-one or one-to-many mappings.
  • C: Associated nodes do not need to exist prior to import of the hierarchy.
  • D: They can reference nodes in different hierarchies.
  • E: They should be used with local node—level properties.
  • F: They pull in the node hierarchy and the node name.
  • G: They support bidirectional references.

Question 5
You have built avalidationto ensure that ahierarchyhas no more than 20,000 nodes. What is the correct validation level?

  • A: Node
  • B: Hierarchy
  • C: Version
  • D: Global Node
  • E: Global Hierarchy
  • F: Merge

Question 6
Identify the four true statements about designing property categories, property definitions, and validations for target and source systems.

  • A: Allow users to type in property values for properties that only have a limited set of valid values.
  • B: Create derived property definitions that are hidden from users that can be used in exports for target systems.
  • C: Create separate property categories for each target and source system.
  • D: Name property definitions different then target system names.
  • E: Create similar validations that are used by source systems.
  • F: Create similarvalidations that are used by target systems.

Question 7
Which three things are required in the definition of a Generation export?

  • A: Hierarchy name
  • B: Export Top Node
  • C: Export Book
  • D: Property categories to be exported
  • E: Node Selection: all nodes, limb nodes,or leaf nodes

Question 8
Which option describes the benefits of the Import DRM feature over the Action Script DRM feature?

  • A: Import supports the import of hierarchies into new and existing versions.
  • B: You can preview hierarchies and metadata before merging with existing data sets.
  • C: It is easy to create formats directly from source systems.
  • D: You can view twi^nr11"1 and failures.
  • E: It can be automated through the batch client.

Question 9
select the three valid web service methods from DRM workflow actions.

  • A: UpdateNodeAccessMembers
  • B: ApproveRequest
  • C: GetRequestBy Id
  • D: Addnode type
  • E: CreateRequet
  • F: ApplyNodeTypePro

Question 10
New cost centers are added to the Entity hierarchy nightly from the ERP system. Identify the two true statements about the ERP system.

  • A: It is considered an upstream system.
  • B: It is considered a downstream system.
  • C: Because it is used as a source for the Entity dimension, you may not feed entity data back to the ERP system.
  • D: It may be imported into an existing version using Import.
  • E: The ERP system feed can be automated using the batch client.


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