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Exam PeopleSoft Payables 9.1 Essentials
Number 1z0-573
File Name PeopleSoft Payables 9-1 Essentials.Testbells.1Z0-573.2016-12-12.1e.43q.vcex
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Posted December 12, 2016
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What are two Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Vendor Compliance requirements? 

  • A: Compliance from all US-based persons and businesses
  • B: Importable SDN List
  • C: Canadian vendors are unable to collect tax breaks in the US
  • D: Vendors financial history is accessible from anywhere

Question 2
Which three situations will prevent a user from deleting a voucher?

  • A: Voucher was partially paid
  • B: Voucher was not approved
  • C: Voucher was posted and accounting entries were created
  • D: Voucher was selected for payment in a pay-cycle
  • E: Voucher was in postable status

Question 3
Which report is used to verify the payments before check generation/EFT payments?

  • A: Prompt Pay Report
  • B: AP Trial Payment Register
  • C: Voucher Register
  • D: Detailed Check Register
  • E: Payment Forecast

Question 4
Which two payment review pages have Pay cycle drilldown?

  • A: Prepayments
  • B: Detail Data
  • C: Summary Metric
  • D: Summary Data
  • E: Payment

Question 5
Which two statements are true about prepayment application to regular vouchers? 

  • A: A Prepaid voucher can be applied to many regular vouchers but not vice versa.
  • B: A Prepaid voucher cannot be paid in more than one regular payment schedule.
  • C: A Prepaid voucher will not be available for applying to regular vouchers until it is paid.
  • D: Withholding cannot be applied on prepaid vouchers.

Question 6
Which three Document Association groups are delivered by PeopleSoft?

  • A: Voucher-PO (VP)
  • B: Voucher-Receiver (VR)
  • C: Voucher-PO-Receiver (VPR)
  • D: PO-Receiver (PR)
  • E: Req-PO-Voucher (RPV)

Question 7
After the regular voucher was matched, approved, posted, and paid, the AP Manager realized that there was an issue with chartfields during voucher distribution. 
Which voucher type should the AP Manager use to adjust the chartfields?

  • A: Reversal voucher
  • B: Adjustment voucher
  • C: Journal voucher 
  • D: Regular voucher
  • E: Claim voucher

Question 8
Identify the two voucher types to which a Prepaid voucher can be applied.

  • A: Regular voucher
  • B: Adjustment voucher
  • C: Journal voucher
  • D: Template voucher
  • E: Claims voucher

Question 9
Which four Payables Options are available when defining the vendor location? 

  • A: Invoicing and remitting addresses
  • B: Preferred freight delivery address
  • C: Matching and approval options
  • D: Electronic file options 
  • E: Self-billed invoice options

Question 10
A customer has decided to use the Express Payment feature to pay credit and debit vouchers having different vendors in a single pay cycle using the ACH payment method. The Pay File is generated and tagged to a new step group through a custom process. What are two reasons this will not work?

  • A: Express payment feature cannot be used for ACH payments.
  • B: Step group cannot be chosen for express pay cycles.
  • C: Multiple vendors cannot be paid in a single pay cycle run using the Express Payment feature.
  • D: Express payment can only record a payment but cannot generate any kind of pay file.
  • E: Credit vouchers will not be considered by the payment selection process in express pay cycles.


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