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Exam Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing 2 Essentials
Number 1z0-562
File Name Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing 2 Essentials.testkings.1z0-562.2019-04-30.1e.39q.vcex
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Posted April 30, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which four entities does the Application Viewer allow you to view? (Choose four.)

  • A: Algorithms
  • B: Database Tables
  • C: Maintenance Objects
  • D: COBOL Programs
  • E: Service Scripts

Question 2
A service agreement’s Primary Rate Schedule is linked to two Sub Rates. 
A bill segment is created for the service agreement for the period January 1, 2010 to February 1, 2010. 
The Primary Rate Schedule has a rate version effective on January 1, 2009 and another effective on January 15, 2010. 
How many bill calculation headers will be created for the bill segment?

  • A: one
  • B: two
  • C: three
  • D: four
  • E: five

Question 3
Which entity defines the type of collection process to start based on age of debt, amount of debt, and type of customer?

  • A: Customer Class
  • B: Debt Class
  • C: Collection Class
  • D: Collection Class Control
  • E: Collection Process Template

Question 4
Which three statements are correct for Adjustment Types? (Choose three.)

  • A: they control the valid Service Agreement Types that adjustments can be linked to
  • B: they control whether a rate is to be called to calculate an adjustment amount
  • C: they control how adjustments appear on bills
  • D: they control the valid Adjustment Profiles that adjustment types can belong to
  • E: they can default an Adjustment Amount to adjustments

Question 5
Field Activities of specific types can be created by the system automatically based on the type of work to be carried out, connection status of a service point, and the meter’s installation and connection status.  
Which four processes are based on the above? (Choose four.)

  • A: starting service
  • B: disconnecting service
  • C: testing a meter or item in the field
  • D: stopping service
  • E: disconnect Warning

Question 6
Which two plug-in spots allow additional logic to be implemented when a field activity is completed in the field? (Choose two.)

  • A: Field Activity Type –FA Completion Control
  • B: Field Activity Type Profile – FA Completion Control
  • C: Field Activity Remark - Activation
  • D: Meter Reader Remark - Activation
  • E: Installation – FA Additional Information

Question 7
What controls the types of service agreements and service points to be created?

  • A: Campaign
  • B: Package
  • C: Campaign and Package
  • D: Service Agreement Type/Service Point Type Relationship
  • E: Order

Question 8
What information appears when you click the Help button in the Action Bar when using the “classic” (or non-Fusion) user interface?

  • A: contact information about the specific implementation
  • B: information for a specific zone
  • C: an index of Control Central information
  • D: context-sensitive information
  • E: information for a specific portal

Question 9
Which three are valid types of Rate Components? (Choose three.)

  • A: Flat Charge
  • B: Service Quantity
  • C: For Calculation Purposes Only
  • D: Interval Pricing
  • E: Sub Rate

Question 10
What is the difference between a Service Script and a Plug-In Script?

  • A: A Service Script executes on the server side while the Plug-In Script does not.
  • B: A Service Script has an Edit Data step type while the Plug-In Script does not.
  • C: A Service Script has user-configured input and outputs while a Plug-In Script has predefined input and outputs.
  • D: A Service Scripts allows you to invoke Business Objects while a Plug-In Script does not.
  • E: There is no difference between the two script types.


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