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Exam StorageTek Tape Libraries Essentials
Number 1z0-546
File Name StorageTek Tape Libraries Essentials.Actualtests.1z0-546.2015-03-25.1e.70q.vcex
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Posted March 25, 2015
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which of the items are reports available from SLC regarding partitioning on an SL500?

  • A: Cartridge Cell and Media Summary
  • B: Host Connections Summary
  • C: Orphaned Cartridge Report
  • D: Partition Summary
  • E: Partition Details
  • F: All of the above

Question 2
What ACSLS command would change a cap priority?

  • A: set cap priority 5 0, 0, 1
  • B: define cap priority 5 0,0,1
  • C: change cap priority 5 0, 0, 1
  • D: lock cap priority 5 0, 0, 1

Question 3
Using ACSLS, how would you delete a tape pool?

  • A: Set scr off and delete the pool
  • B: Remove all data tapes and delete the pool
  • C: Delete pool 0 and all empty pools will delete automatically
  • D: Remove all volumes from the pool and then delete it

Question 4
Which connectivity option is available only in an SL8500 library complex? 

  • A: single TCP/IP connectivity
  • B: dual TCP/IP connectivity
  • C: multi TCP/IP connectivity

Question 5
Where are the messages written when a pool gets below the low water mark?

  • A: acsss_event.log
  • B: pool_error.log
  • C: hardware_event.log
  • D: Doesn't write an error message

Question 6
On the SL8500, which is the best option when combining workloads that span more than one rail?

  • A: using the middle two rails for active enters and ejects
  • B: using rails that are adjacent to each other within the same SL8500
  • C: using the top rail for extra archival space and any other rail for active data
  • D: using the top rail for active enters and ejects and any other rail for archival space

Question 7
The System Detail SLC screen displays health indicators for which four devices in an SL3000?

  • A: Rotational and AFM CAPs
  • B: Drives
  • C: Media
  • D: Power supplies
  • E: Robot(s)

Question 8
Which four statements are true for an SL8500?

  • A: Partitioned LSMs will not recognize other LSMs, within the library unless they are in the same partition.
  • B: The elevator operationisunder the control of the library controller when CAP operations are issued.
  • C: CAPS can either be shared or dedicated resources for partitions.
  • D: All drives, storage slots, and cartridges within a partition are solely owned by that host or host group.
  • E: While duplicate VOLSERs are supported by the library, ACSLS does not support duplicate VOLSRs unless they are in different partitions and the duplicate VOLSERs are on different ACLs servers.

Question 9
Which SL500 report displays the current map of physical drive slot relationship to its physical address (iib, module, row) and drive serial number?

  • A: Library Utilization
  • B: Drive Utilization
  • C: Drive Mapping
  • D: Drive Distribution

Question 10
Partitioning allows the SL3000 library to be divided for use by multiple____________.

  • A: Power Supplies
  • B: Storage Cells
  • C: Hosts
  • D: Drives



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