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Exam Oracle Hyperion Planning 11 Essentials
Number 1z0-533
File Name Oracle Hyperion Planning 11 Essentials.CertDumps.1z0-533.2020-05-22.1e.69q.vcex
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Posted May 22, 2020

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Demo Questions

Question 1
Identify three key benefits of the Planning solution.

  • A: Standardized data forms for plan data entry available both for the Web and in Excel
  • B: One tool to budget and forecast as well as provide reporting for very detailed Actuals Information
  • C: Central repository of business rules that can be run by end users to calculate plandata
  • D: Detailed security down to the cell level
  • E: Flexible solution customizable for almost any kind of budgeting and forecastingprocess 

Question 2
What are valid data types for the Accounts dimension? Select all that apply.

  • A: Currency
  • B: Non-currency
  • C: Percentage
  • D: Saved Assumption
  • E: Text
  • F: Smart List
  • G: Date

Question 3
A Business Rule is launched from a data form. What will Planning utilize to provide a valid list of members for a run-time prompt?

  • A: Members defined on the data form
  • B: Planning Metadata security
  • C: Business Rules security access privileges
  • D: Essbase security filters
  • E: Business Rules Basic User Role 

Question 4
Assuming you have a Period dimension with calendar months rolling to quarters to total years. If you assign the property Time Balance Last to the "Headcount" account member, what will user see for Q1?

  • A: January's value
  • B: March's value
  • C: The total of January+February +March
  • D: The average of January + February + March 

Question 5
What are the three supported methods to create and update a member and its properties (assuming Classic or non-Classic Planning applications)?

  • A: Planning Web Client
  • B: EAS
  • C: EPMA
  • D: DRM
  • E: Outline Load Utility 

Question 6
As a Planning end user, you need toadd additional commentary to your plan, documenting assumptions and other notes. What are the six available options to add this information?

  • A: Supporting detail
  • B: Planning unit annotations
  • C: Cell text
  • D: Free form text (if defined by your Planning administrator)
  • E: Smart Lists (if defined by your Planning administrator)
  • F: Attach a document to a data form from Workspace (if enabled by your Planning administrator)
  • G: Financial Reporting Annotations in a Financial Reporting document (against the Planning application) 

Question 7
Identify the one Planning component that is not accessible over the Web.

  • A: Dimension Editor for Planning
  • B: Shared Services
  • C: Exchange Rates Definition
  • D: Planning Utilities
  • E: Create and Manage Database Options
  • F: Create Data Sources 

Question 8
Planning administrators can access which four administration tools via the EPM Workspace?

  • A: Planning
  • B: EPMA
  • C: ODI
  • D: LCM
  • E: Calculation Manager
  • F: EAS
  • G: FR Studio 

Question 9
Measures (Dense): 40 stored members, 50 total members Time (Dense): 17 stored members, 17 total members Scenario (Dense): 2 stored members, 5 total members Market (Sparse): 100 stored members, 100 total members Product(Sparse): 500 stored members, 550 total members What is the block size in bytes?

  • A: Block size = 40 * 17 * 2
  • B: Block size = 40 * 17 * 2 * 8
  • C: Block size = 50 * 17 * 5 * 8
  • D: Block size = 50 * 17 * 5
  • E: Block size = 100 * 500 * 8
  • F: Block size = 100 * 500 

Question 10
Identify two true statements about the DATAEXPORT calc script command.

  • A: Using DATAEXPORT within the FIX statement of a calc script allows you to export specific data sets from an Essbase database.
  • B: DATAEXPORT only exports level zero data.
  • C: DATAEXPORT only exports to flat files.
  • D: DATAEXPORT only exports entire data blocks.
  • E: DATAEXPORT is faster than Essbase Report.



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