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Exam Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11 Essentials
Number 1z0-532
File Name Oracle.CertDumps.1z0-532.2018-01-06.1e.64q.vcex
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Posted January 06, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
What are the three characteristics of sub EnumMemberLists ()?

  • A: Specifies which dimensions have member lists
  • B: Names each member list in each dimension
  • C: Specifies the valid members for a member list
  • D: Specifies the number of lists for each dimension
  • E: Is used to create both static and dynamic lists

Question 2
Identify the dimensions that are built by using the application profile?

  • A: Year and period only
  • B: Value and view only
  • C: View, Period, and Year
  • D: Period, Value, and Year
  • E: Scenario, Period, and Year

Question 3
To which dimension do custom dimensions provide additional detail?

  • A: Accounts
  • B: Entity
  • C: Value
  • D: ICP
  • E: Custom dimensions are independent of other dimensions.

Question 4
The Account dimension's Is ICP "R" property specifies________.

  • A: If ICP transactions, including self-ICP transactions, are enabled for the account
  • B: If ICP transactions are not enabled for the account
  • C: if ICP transactions can be drilled back to source activity
  • D: if ICP transactions are enabled for the account, but the account cannot have ICP transactions with itself

Question 5
EPMA provides a Shared Dimension Library for maintaining EPM dimensions. Identify two reasons that would make you consider using EPMA to maintain dimensions over FM Classic metadata files?

  • A: You can use the same metadata file format from FM Classic to import dimensions In EPMA.
  • B: Dimensions can be shared across applications or can be local to a specific application.
  • C: In EPMA, you can make a change to a member in a shared dimension once and sync ft across FM and Planning applications.
  • D: You can assign member access security in the EPMA dimension library for a shared dimension and sync it across FM and Planning applications.

Question 6
Which is the rule function used to notify the following year that a consolidation is needed due to recalculation of the current year?

  • A: Exp
  • B: ImpactStatus
  • C: OpenDataUnit
  • D: A rule function is not used; input subroutine is used.

Question 7
Identify three valid application settings

  • A: MaxNumDocAttachments
  • B: UseSecurityForEntities
  • C: UseSecurityForValue
  • D: Va1idationAccount
  • E: SupportSubmissionPhaseforEntity

Question 8
Identify the purpose of using task lists.

  • A: To upload user “to do” items to FM with due dates and alert dates
  • B: To organize and group related tasks into a navigational aid for users
  • C: To create lists of members with VB script
  • D: To list tasks to be executed by the FM Server
  • E: To define the review path for consolidation review

Question 9
What are two effects of deploying an EPMA application?

  • A: The EPMA metadata is extracted to a text file.
  • B: If enabled, it pushes the data to Essbase via Essbase Analytic Link for FM.
  • C: The EPMA application metadata is used to create an FM application on the FM server.
  • D: The application is sent out to a star schema for use by Essbase and other products.
  • E: When you redeploy an application, the application metadata is merged or replaced based on the changes made since the last deployment.

Question 10
You need to migrate an FM application in version 11 from development to production. Your environment has two instances of Shared Services, one for development and one for production. Identify the two true statements about using Life Cycle Management to perform the application migration from development to production within this environment.

  • A: You can select specific objects to migrate or all objects to migrate.
  • B: Migrating applications from development to production in disconnected environments, where there are two instances of Shared Services, is not supported.
  • C: Life Cycle Management will migrate both objects and data.
  • D: Life Cycle Management will generate an XML file that can be modified and used for importing to target applications.
  • E: The only role necessary to perform LCM activities is Application Administrator.



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