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Exam Oracle Essbase 11 Essentials
Number 1z0-531
File Name Oracle.CertDumps.1z0-531.2018-01-11.1e.69q.vcex
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Posted January 11, 2018
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which six files are involved in database recovery for block storage option after a database crash?

  • A: Essn.pag – data
  • B: Essn.ind – index
  • C: Essn.dat
  • D: Temp.dat
  • E: Dbname.esm - kernel file that contains control information for db recovery
  • F: Dbname.tct - transaction control table
  • G: Dbname.ind - free fragment file for data and index free fragments
  • H: DBname.otl
  • I: Metadata folder

Question 2
Which two options would provide a better design for the following accounts and metrics? 

  • A: If there are a small number of accounts that require FTE and Expense dollars, split Accounts and Metrics into 2 dimensions
  • B: If there are a large number of accounts that require FTE and Expense dollars, split Accounts and Metrics into 2 dimensions
  • C: If reporting dictates FTE and dollars in the columns and accounts in the rows, split Accounts and Metrics into 2 dimensions
  • D: If block size is large, then keep Accounts and Metrics as one dimension with a dense dimension

Question 3
Identify the two true statements about incremental loading.

  • A: Allows for real time data access for end users.
  • B: Creates *subscribes* along the main slice in the database.
  • C: Materialization of slices is required to provide users the correct query results.
  • D: Different materialized views may exist within a slice as compared to the main slice of the database.

Question 4
You should back up the following three for ASO.

  • A: Hyperion_Home \common
  • B: Essbaseinstallfolder\bin
  • C: ARBORPATH \app\appname
  • D: Essbaseinstallfolder \locale
  • E: Essbase.sec
  • F: Essbase.cfg

Question 5
You have the following analysis requirement. Products roll up to Product Family which rolls up to Product Category. You also need to group Products by Product Manager. Product Managers may manage one or more Products across product families. You do not need to create reports with Product Manager by Product Family. You need to secure products by Product Manager for planning submissions. 
You consider Shared members as a solution because of which two options?

  • A: Shared members provide cross tab reporting (Product Manager in the rows and Product Family across the column)
  • B: Shared members provide additional categorization but results in a smaller database then if you were to add Product Manager as a separate dimension
  • C: You can assign security to shared members
  • D: Shared members can be assigned to sparse members only

Question 6
Identify four disadvantages / considerations when using a transparent partition.

  • A: Old data
  • B: Slow retrievals
  • C: Slow calculations if referencing dynamic calc members in the source
  • D: Outline sync complexities
  • E: Increased network load
  • F: Downtime required to sync data

Question 7
Assuming Sales and Year are sparse and Actual is dense, what two actions will the following calc script perform? 
FIX (Actual, @CY, Sales) 

  • A: Export the data for actual, current year, sales into a text file called data.txt
  • B: Export the data for actual, current year into a text file called data.txt
  • C: Export data blocks in a compressed encrypted format
  • D: Create a text file that can be imported using the DATAIMPORTBIN calc command in another database that has different dimensionality

Question 8
A calculation script is performed on a database for which Create Block on Equation is OFF. The command SET CREATEBLOCKONEQ ON is issued immediately before an equation in the script. 
Which statement accurately describe when blocks will be created?

  • A: Blocks will be created ONLY when the equation assigns non-constant values to members of a sparse dimension
  • B: Blocks will be created ONLY when the equation assigns constant values to members of a sparse dimension
  • C: Blocks will be created when the equation assigns either constant or non-constant values to members of a sparse dimension.
  • D: No blocks will be created.

Question 9
Market size is an attribute dimension with the following members: Large, Medium, and Small.
Which of the following options below represent valid syntax statements in a calc script?

  • A: FIX (@ATTRIBUTE(Large))
  • B: Calc Dim (Accounts, Markets, "Market Size");
  • C: Calc Dim (Accounts, Markets, Market Size);
  • D: FIX(Large)

Question 10
Moving a stored entity member in a sparse dimension causes_________.

  • A: a Full restructure
  • B: an Index restructure
  • C: an Outline restructure
  • D: No restructure


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