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Exam Oracle CRM On Demand Essentials
Number 1z0-527
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Posted April 14, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
To increase user adoption and ease of use, your Service department requested access to their Web based Service portal from CRM on Demand. Their goal is to allow users to have access to both systems the same browser window. 
The best design option to meet this requirement.

  • A: Use a Custom Object and only give service users access to that tab.
  • B: Create a custom Web tab that points to the service portal.
  • C: Use a web link that opens the service portal in a new window.
  • D: Leverage dashboard functionality to display the service portal.
  • E: Use a combination of dashboard functionality and custom objects to display the service portal.

Question 2
Which two record types can have an asset as a child object?

  • A: Account
  • B: Opportunity
  • C: Contact
  • D: Lead
  • E: Product

Question 3
Big industries, Inc has the reporting structure depicted below. Is this an acceptable reporting structure for forecasting in CRM on Demand? 


  • A: Not enough information
  • B: Yes, because all reporting structure combinations are allowed
  • C: No, because there is more than 1 participant at the top of the structure.
  • D: Yes, because every participant at the lower level has a manager.
  • E: Yes, because all participants at the top of the structure have subordinates.

Question 4
When selecting a column to filter or sort report, which should you choose to have the LEAST impact on performance?

  • A: Custom fields
  • B: Custom pick lists
  • C: Indexed fields
  • D: Fields containing CASE statements
  • E: Standard pick lists

Question 5
Floyd, an Inside Sales Representative in your organization, has complained about his inability to prepare and submit forecast. After some Investigation on the Issue, you find out that he's not receiving the weekly alerts sent to all other forecast participants. What is the possible root cause of this issue?

  • A: Floyd hasn't been added to the Forecast book of business
  • B: Floyd's role is not included in the forecast.
  • C: Floyd must add his name to the forecast participants list.
  • D: Floyd does not have any direct reports.
  • E: Floyd's profile does not have a quota value to forecast against.

Question 6
Which data access control mechanism determines whether users can see a record type in the drop down list in the Search box?

  • A: The record type access setting in the role is Can Create for the record type.
  • B: The record type access setting in the role is Can Read All Records for the record type.
  • C: The record type access setting in the role is Has Access for the record type,
  • D: The default Access Profile is at least Read/Create for the record type.
  • E: The owner Access Profile is at least Read/Create for the record type.

Question 7
You should enable the book selector for the company if you want users to be able to:

  • A: Limit search queries to the records in particular book of business
  • B: Be added to a book of business as a book user
  • C: Create their own book of business hierarchies
  • D: Delegate their record access to another user

Question 8
You have already used your limit of 35 custom fields with the field type of Check box For Accounts. How can you add more?

  • A: You can delete fields from other record types, such as Contacts.
  • B: You cannot add any more.
  • C: You can move some fields off your page layout.
  • D: You can request more space for data storage.

Question 9
Update Values action is only available when using which workflow rule trigger event?

  • A: Before Modified Record Saved
  • B: Record Deleted
  • C: Modified Record Saved
  • D: New Record Saved

Question 10
One of your users does not see the Campaigns tab when accessing CRM on Demand. You have confirmed that Campaigns is one of the available tabs for the user's role and that the role does give access to that record type. 
Why can he not see the Campaigns tab?

  • A: The user has read-only default access to campaign records.
  • B: The user has no active campaigns.
  • C: The user has read/create owner access to campaign records.
  • D: The user needs to move the tab to the selected tabs box in his personal tab layout.



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