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Exam Oracle EBS R12.1 Inventory Essentials
Number 1z0-519
File Name Oracle EBS R12-1 Inventory Essentials.selftestengine.1z0-519.2019-02-07.1e.67q.vcex
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Posted February 07, 2019
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Demo Questions

Question 1
Which three statements are true about ABC analysis? (Choose three.)

  • A: the ABC class is an Item attribute.
  • B: There can be only three classes A, B, and C.
  • C: an ABC class must be assigned to at least one ABC group.
  • D: ABC classes can be used to group Items for planning purposes.
  • E: ABC classes can be used to identify the value groupings to which your Items belong.

Question 2
Which three statements are true about ABC Analysis and cycle count Classes? (Choose three.)

  • A: The hit/miss% for the Class overrides the hit/miss% of the cycle count header.
  • B: The hit/miss% for the cycle count header overrides the hit/miss% of the Class.
  • C: An ABC Analysis can be compiled for a sub inventory that is defined as a non-quantity-tracked sub inventory.
  • D: An ABC Analysis can be compiled for nonasset (expense) subinventories for which quantities are tracked.
  • E: In ABC Analysis, a quantity variance must always be submitted for approval, regardless of the tolerance levels
  • F: Positive and negative tolerances can be entered for each class, which will override the tolerance at the cycle count header level

Question 3
Which two functional areas have default category sets? (Choose two.)

  • A: Planning, Engineering, Costing
  • B: Purchasing, Payables, Inventory
  • C: Inventory, Purchasing, Bill of Materials
  • D: Order Management, Inventory, Purchasing
  • E: Inventory, Bill of Materials, Work in Process
  • F: Planning, Order Management, General Ledger
  • G: Order Management, Inventory, Work in Process

Question 4
Your customer is planning to dose the accounting period in Inventory. Before closing the period, the customer would like to view the total number of pending transactions in one form. 
Which form would provide this Information?

  • A: Pending Status
  • B: View Material Transactions
  • C: Find Pending Transactions
  • D: Transaction Open Interface
  • E: Inventory Accounting Period

Question 5
What are the prerequisites for performing an accurate ABC Compile for Inventory Items using the Current on-hand value as the compile criterion?

  • A: Items costed only
  • B: Items with on-hand quantity only
  • C: Either items with on-hand quantity or items costed
  • D: Both items with on-hand quantity and items costed

Question 6
Beyond the shelf life days, active lots become expired lots. Expired lots______.

  • A: Can be reserved
  • B: Are not allowed to do subinventory transfer
  • C: Are not included in Inventory valuation reports
  • D: Cannot be transacted and included in on-hand quantities
  • E: Are not included in cycle and physical counting adjustments
  • F: Are not considered as on-hand supply for min-max and re-order point planning

Question 7
Which three statements are true about the item master? (Choose three.)

  • A: It is possible to copy items across item master organizations.
  • B: The item master organization is the centralized repository for ail items in different organizations.
  • C: It is possible to associate items in one item master organization with another item master organization.
  • D: When an attribute control is set at the item master level, updates are not allowed at the item or organization level.
  • E: There is no functional or technical difference between the item master organization and other organizations while transacting on an item.
  • F: When an attribute control is set at the item master level, updates can still be made at the item or organization level but these updates would not propagate back up to the item master level.

Question 8
An Item has its lot Control attribute set to Full Control. 
The Active material status does not have any transaction types related to lot control enabled for material status control, this status is assigned to all lot numbers associated with the item. 
The subinventory where the Item's lot numbers are all located also has the Active material status. 
How will the application respond when a user tries to submit a subinventory transfer transaction?

  • A: The transaction will be accepted.
  • B: An error message will be generated.
  • C: The transaction will be accepted, but will be registered as a transfer to and from the same subinventory.
  • D: The transaction will be accepted, but the item cost update will have to be processed separately by the user.

Question 9
You created an internal requisition to move material between two organizations. The destination is locator controlled. The shipping network between these two locations has been defined as Direct. The shipment transaction fails. 
What could be the reason for the failure?

  • A: Locator default has not been set up In the transaction default.
  • B: Internal requisitions cannot be used for Direct shipping networks.
  • C: You did not indicate the locator of the destination on the requisition.
  • D: Locator-controlled destinations cannot be used for Direct shipping networks.

Question 10
Which statement is true regarding inventory transactions?

  • A: Transaction reasons can be used in all transaction forms.
  • B: Work in Process would not affect inventory transactions.
  • C: Inventory adjustments are not part of inventory transactions.
  • D: You can designate, by transaction type, which transaction reasons are available.
  • E: You must create at least one user-defined transaction reason for each inventory organization.


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